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Clash Royale — Nov 5, 2018

Balance Update Live! (11/5)

The way we approach card balance in Clash Royale is a combination of playtesting, listening to the community and looking at the stats. You can expect monthly balance updates to keep gameplay fine tuned and as fun as possible.

In this balance update we're taking a look at Royal Hogs, Tombstone, Giant and more!

Watch the quick-look video!

  • Royal Ghost:

    Hitpoints -9%

  • Royal Hogs:

    Damage -6%

  • Inferno Tower:

    Hitpoints +3%

  • Skeleton Barrel:

    Death Damage +62%

  • Mega Knight:

    Hit Speed faster 1.8sec -> 1.7sec

  • Tombstone:

    Spawn Speed slower 2.9sec -> 3.1sec. When destroyed, spawned skeletons reduced 4 -> 3

  • Giant:

    Hitpoints -2%

  • Magic Archer:

    First attack slower

  • Cannon Cart:

    Hit Speed slower 1.2sec -> 1.3sec

  • Dart Goblin:

    Damage +4% (Player Choice!)

Check out "the why" behind these changes!

See you in the Arena,
The Clash Royale Team