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Clash Royale — Jun 24, 2022



It’s time to express yourself with our newest update!


Battle Banners are brand new cosmetic items that will be shown at the start of each Battle and will represent you and your style within Clash Royale!

A Battle Banner consists of two Battle Banner items (a Banner Frame and a Banner Decoration) as well as three badges of the player's choice.

Battle Banners can be customized by mixing and matching a Frame and a Decoration from the Banner Collection. This is done by accessing the Banner Editor through the Player Profile, the Banner Collection or the Badge Collection.


This is where you unlock new Battle Banner items!

Each Season there will be new Banner items (Frames & Decorations) within the Banner Box for players to collect.

Each time you open a Banner Box you will unlock a new Banner item that you do not already own!

Some Banner items are rarer than others. The rarity refers to how likely it is to find a particular item in the Banner Box.


The Banner Box can be opened using the new BANNER TOKEN currency.

Players can choose to open the Banner Box using Banner Tokens or Gems.

You can’t get duplicate items, so you are guaranteed to unlock a new Banner item every time you open the Banner Box!

It costs 100 Banner Tokens to open the Banner Box. When using Gems, the price will increase with each subsequent Gem opening.


You can currently earn Banner Tokens from:

  • Special Challenges

  • Mastery Rewards

Keep an eye out for other sources that will give out Banner Tokens in the future!

You can hold up to 200 Banner Tokens at a time.

On the, very rare, occasion where the Banner Token inventory is full and the Banner Box has no more items (e.g you already collected all Banner items for that Season), Banner Tokens can be collected beyond the limit of 200.


We have updated the home screen and the Player Profile to make it easier than ever to access the new features that this update brings, as well as making it look better (if we do say so ourselves).


  • Your Battle Banner is visible and can be tapped to access your Player Profile

  • The Pass Royale banner has been moved and resized

  • The Banner Box can be accessed directly from the home screen

  • Added a temporary “Tournament Hub” that gives you access to the latest Clash Royale League news and information during important esports happenings

  • ‘Player Profile’ has been renamed ‘Social’ and gives access to the Friends List & Inbox


When opening the Player Profile, you will find a few new Battle Banner related features:

  • The Battle Banner and Badges you have selected

  • Access to the Banner Editor

  • Access to the Battle Log

Alongside the usual:

  • Stats

  • Player Name & Player Tag

  • Badges

  • Battle Deck

Pro tip: You can access other players’ Player Profiles to look at their Battle Banners, Badges and stats!


Players now have the ability to pick and choose which Badges they want to show off!

Alongside the three Badges you can display on your Battle Banner, you can now showcase specific Badges in your profile!

Note: You can still view all of your own (or another player's) Badges by tapping 'Show Collection'.


We have added the following new badges for players to earn, unlock, and display on their Battle Banners!

  • Clan Wars 2

  • Donations

  • Collection Level

  • Supercell Creator

  • Banner Collection

  • 2v2

  • Emote

  • CRL badges for both spectators and competitors

  • ???



The Duels game mode is now available outside of Clan Wars.

Players will be able to Duel in:

  • Challenges (New)

  • Friendly Clan Battles (New)

  • Clan Wars


There are now two different types of Duels available:

NEW Ban Pick (Duels)

These Duels give players a chance to ban some of their opponents Decks to even the playing field.

  • Players BAN two of their opponent's decks at the start of the Duel

  • Players PICK one of their remaining decks

  • One Battle is then played to determine the winner


Regular ol’ Duels that you should be familiar with by now!

  • Players choose a pre-made Deck before each Battle (once the Deck is used the same one can not be used again)

  • The winner is determined by a “Best of Three” system, i.e. the first player to win two Battles wins.


All Duels outside of Clan Wars require a Duel Deck!

Duel Decks are made up of four decks, using 32 unique cards. You can’t use the same card in more than one deck.

From the Battle Deck tab, you can toggle between Battle Decks and Duels Decks to create or edit your Duel Deck.

Note: Clan Wars duels are still fought in Clan Wars and exclusive to War Decks.


These sliders can be used to set exactly how loud the volume of the “Music” or “SFX” should be.

Simply head on over to “Settings” and tap on “Audio”.


The Trader now has his wares available in the Shop!

As well as being in a new location, we’ve also made changes to how the Trader works. In addition to re-rolling which Cards players want to “GIVE” players can now also re-roll the Cards they want to “GET”.

There is now no limit to how many times a player can re-roll or how many times a player can Trade each day (this is now only limited by how many Trade Tokens players have available).


The Trader was quite hidden away on the banks of the Clan War river and was not seeing much use.

We want players to be able to get more value from their Trade Tokens and we also want more players to be able to access the Trader!

Plus he gave us a few Magic Items he said fell off the back of a caravan...


Our most recent update has had players completing all sorts of Mastery Tasks and gaining rewards for using their favorite cards! Because it has been so popular, we are bringing in the THIRD tier of Mastery Tasks for the following Cards:

  • Mega Knight

  • P.E.K.K.A

  • Arrows

  • Electro Spirit

  • The Log

  • Wizard

  • Mortar

  • Earthquake

  • Princess

  • Wall Breakers

The new tasks for these cards unlock at Card Level 14 and reward you with the new Banner Tokens! These are the trickiest Mastery Tasks yet.


  • Fixed a crash that could occur in the Private Tournament UI

  • Fixed a rare crash with the main deck builders

  • Fixed a crash in the Challenge deck builders

  • Fixed an issue with the name change dialog that could potentially cause a disconnect

  • Fix for some special characters not being displayed correctly

  • Fixed the inconsistency with Boat Battle deployment zones

  • Fix for Draft choices leading to cards that were outside of the specified Draft sets

  • Fix for Private Tournament creation 'randomly' failing

  • Fix for the magical Deck Wizard trying to assign more than one Champion to a deck

  • Fix for the iOS native copy option removing the URL from the "invite to clan" message

  • Fix for the deck builder behaving erratically if the user switched decks in the middle of editing

  • Fix for personal best scores displaying incorrectly on some Player Profiles

  • Fix for players sometimes being awarded a chest that is not from their Arena

  • Fix for a deck showing incorrectly when skipping past the 'Pick' phase in a Draft replay

  • Star levels are now hidden when viewing card info screens from the Clan UI

  • Removed the ability to upgrade your own cards when viewing a Clanmate's cards

  • Removed Trophy values from the spectator view

  • Removed the ability to tap on the 'Clan' button in the Player Profile of a player who does not belong to a Clan

  • Implemented a change to Legendary chests when the player has not yet reached an Arena that unlocks Legendary cards

  • Added a number of Challenge events to the list of modes that can level up Badges

  • Numerous UI improvements (making things look pretty)

  • Various new loading screen tips have been added

As always, feel free to share your thoughts, suggestions or ideas on our Social Media channels:

See you in the Arena!

The Clash Royale Team