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Clash Royale — Mar 18, 2024


...and Daily Task Rework!

Lucky Drops are coming to Clash Royale!

Now you can obtain a Lucky Drop by completing Daily Tasks. Lucky Drops offer a new method to earn Magic Items through quests.

📝 Lucky Drop Rarities

Upon receiving a Lucky Drop, tapping on it can potentially upgrade its rarity for enhanced rewards. Lucky Drops require three taps to open, with each tap providing a chance to increase its starting rarity!

🌟 The rarities include

  • Common with a 20% chance to upgrade

  • Rare with a 25% chance to upgrade

  • Epic with a 30% chance to upgrade

  • Legendary (the highest rarity!)

🎁 Lucky Drop Rewards

The rewards from Lucky Drops can include:

  • Gold

  • Wild Cards (all rarities)

  • Elite Wild Cards

  • Books of Cards

  • Book of Books

  • Wild Shards


The cost of Banner Tokens in the Season Shop will be adjusted starting with the April Season. This means they will no longer be obtainable from Daily Tasks.

Instead, they can be obtained from Card Mastery tasks and the Season Shop.

  • The total cost of Banner Tokens in the Season Shop has been adjusted.


Q: Do tasks change daily, such as "Battle" today, "Emote" tomorrow?
A: No, they remain consistent.

Q: Do rewards change from day to day?
A: They also stay the same, but changes may occur in the future.

Q: Previously, Daily Task Rewards remained until claimed. Will this continue?
A: No, unclaimed rewards will expire at the reset time.

Q: When is the reset time?
A: The reset for Daily Tasks aligns with the Daily Shop Reset, which is based on the creation location timezone of the account.

Q: Are crowns from Crown Rush included in the daily crown task?
A: Yes.

Q: How do new tasks work?
A: The tasks are tracked simultaneously, allowing one to complete them with as few as three battles per day.

Q: What happens if my inventory is full when I receive a Magic Item?
A: Currently, Lucky Drop rewards will ignore inventory limits, though this approach may be adjusted in the future.

Quality of Life & Bug fixes

  • Path of Legends matches are now available on TV Royale

  • The Copy Deck feature now includes Tower Troops

  • Deck Builder improvements for a smoother experience

  • Improvement in the behavior of the Champion's Ability Button

  • Evolved Skeletons are no longer inconsistently destroyed when affected by spells

  • Tesla's Evolution Star Level now displays correctly

  • Fixed crashes when trying to collect Gold related rewards in Path of Legends

  • Fixed Clan Chat crashing and added performance improvements

  • Path of Legends leaderboards no longer glitch when switching between local/global

  • Fixed an interaction inconsistency between Tesla and Wall Breakers

  • Fixed as issue where a player would have a #-1 number on their Top Ranked finishes Badge

Thank you, and we will see you in the Arena!