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Clash Royale — Jul 3, 2019

Season 1 Balance Update!

Clash Royale Season 1 brings a couple of reworks, some long-awaited changes and a big 'rulebook' change!

This Month's Balance Changes...

  • Cannon Cart

  • Cannon

  • Giant Snowball

  • Inferno Tower

  • Goblin Cage

  • Barbarian Barrel (fix)

  • 'Rulebook' Update to Melee Ranges

Cannon Cart

  • Damage

    : -17%

  • Range

    : +10% (5 -> 5.5)

  • Hit Speed

    : +17% (1.2sec -> 1.0sec)

  • Hitpoints / Shield

    : +1.5%


  • Damage

    : +32%

  • Hit Speed

    : -25% (0.8sec -> 1sec)


It's important to us that cards are consistent and clear in their interactions. For a long time, Cannon and Cannon Cart were two very similar cards that had multiple disparate stats. This rework is designed to buff both cards while making them similar in Range, Damage, and Hit Speed.

This change benefits Cannon by being a Damage per second increase, which increases its defensive prowess. The Range increase for Cannon Cart returns its deadly Tower-threatening range, providing another powerful counter-play against popular Royal Giant decks.

Both will now destroy equal-level Goblins, improving the interactions between them and popular swarm cards.

Giant Snowball

  • Radius

    : Reduced 3.0 -> 2.5


Giant Snowball has held a very high win-rate for several months. It provides a lot of value when it hits, and the 3.0 Radius makes targeting too easy.

We are slightly reducing the Radius to make aiming/timing a bit more challenging and to increase the skill cap further.

Inferno Tower

  • Lifetime

    : -25% (40s -> 30s)


Inferno Tower is meant to be a reactive card that overpowers most tanks, but the long Lifetime makes it a bit too forgiving. It can be placed early, tear down the opponent's tank and survive after a defense.

This change keeps Inferno Tower strong when placed but doesn’t keep it around for too long.

Goblin Cage

  • Lifetime

    : +33% (15s -> 20s)

  • Goblin Brawle





We know the distraction power of a Building can be very powerful, so initially Goblin Brawler was distinctly weaker than other 4-cost Melee attackers.

After launch, it is clear the Brawler needs to be a bit scarier (is that possible?!) to see competitive play. His Damage per second is increasing considerably, and he will now 1-hit Archers while taking 1 less hit to defeat a wide range of enemies.

Barbarian Barrel

  • Fix

    : Barrel now correctly hits its intended Radius


Now Radius matches the animation - Barbarian Barrel no longer hits troops that it doesn't touch.


Since we launched Clash Royale in 2016, cards with a Range under 2 have been classified as ‘Melee’, but many cards had dramatically different ranges that were not clearly communicated.

With this update, melee cards have been classified as Melee: Long / Medium / Short. This will help clear up seemingly ‘random’ interactions where one troop attacks first but it's not obvious why.

For reference - a tile refers to the squares you see on the Arena that affect troop placement, range, and more!

Melee: Long (1.6 tiles)

  • Mega Minion

Range: 2 -> 1.6

  • Minions

Range: 2 -> 1.6

  • Night Witch

Range: 1.65 -> 1.6

  • Prince

Range: 1.85 -> 1.6

Melee: Medium (1.2 tiles)

  • Dark Prince

Range: 1.25 -> 1.2 (Area Damage Radius 1.25 -> 1.2)

  • Goblin Giant

Range: 1.25 -> 1.2

  • Elite Barbarians

Range: 1 -> 1.2

  • Knight

Range: 1 -> 1.2

  • Mega Knight

Range: 1 -> 1.2

  • Miner

Range: 1.3 -> 1.2

  • Mini P.E.K.K.A

Range: 1.05 -> 1.2

  • Valkyrie

Range: 1 -> 1.2 (Area Damage Radius 2 -> 2.4)

Melee: Short (0.8 tiles)

  • Rascal Boy

Range: 1 -> 0.8

All other troops with a range of 0.8 tiles or less will retain their current range. All of these troops will be classified as being Melee: Short.

Read full patch notes here!

See you in the Arena,

The Clash Royale Team