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Clash Royale — Jun 2, 2020

Season 12 Balance Changes!

This Season we take a look at Bomb Tower, Prince, Earthquake and Royal Delivery. We will also be standardizing Troop deployment times! More info below.


  • Hitpoints


What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger! Getting knocked out for Prince’s Dream has made the Prince just a bit tougher. He has also had a low win rate for quite a while now...

Bomb Tower

  • Lifetime:

    Reduced 35s > 25s

Bomb Tower, like many powerful buildings in past metas, creates a nearly impenetrable shell due to having a long lifetime. It can be played proactively and survive multiple incoming assaults. Reducing the lifetime will reduce its defensive strength, opening up new decks to competitive viability.

Royal Delivery

  • Damage


Watch out! Royal Delivery dropped into the Arena just a few months ago and has become one of the most popular Spells. It’s doing great work but just a tad too powerful for its cost. Drop Damage is reduced to increase the number of Royal Recruit hits it takes to defeat Musketeers and Wizards.


  • Movement Slow Effect:

    increased 35% > 50%

  • Attack Speed Slow Effect:


Fast attackers + Earthquake has come to dominate the meta this past month. Part of the reason Earthquake is so effective against defenders is because it slows down their attacks, allowing cards like Hog Rider to sneak through guaranteed Damage.

By removing the Attack Speed reduction but increasing the Move Speed reduction, Earthquake more closely matches it’s design intention – to punish misplaced melee Troops, instead of perfectly placed defenders.


  • Archers

  • Goblins

  • Spear Goblins

  • Goblin Gang

  • Minions

  • Barbarians

  • Minion Horde

  • Rascals

  • Guards

  • Royal Recruits

  • Bats

  • Zappies

  • Wallbreakers

  • Skeleton Dragons

  • Three Musketeers

  • Elite Barbarians

​These changes are now live!