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Clash Royale — Aug 4, 2020

Season 14 Balance Changes

[최종 팀 ]

의찬팀 : 대석장/ 차슈덮밥/라인

샌드박스팀 : 사도/단델리오/하울

써니팀 : 카니/따봉/ 주피터킹

헤마군팀 : 이도/ 스무키/ 각기

😎 다음 주 11월 18일 [금]/ 19일[토] 오후8시!

예선전 1차 샌박팀 vs 써니팀

예선전 2차 의찬팀 vs 헤마팀

어디서 볼 수 있나요?

전설의 올스타전 모든 경기는 크리에이터 JUNE 채널에서 라이브로 방송됩니다.

한정판 티셔츠도 얻으세요! 😎

카카오톡 채널을 팔로우 하고 전설의 올스타전 정보도 얻고 한정판 티셔츠도 받아가세요

지금 참여하기!


  • Sight Range


  • Projectile Range


  • Hitpoints



The idea behind this rework is to make Bowler a bit more viable in offense, while keeping his defensive potential strong enough. Now he can reach the opponent’s Princess Tower right after crossing the bridge, but he has to be a bit closer to enemies to score a strike!


  • Arrows

  • Giant Snowball

  • Fireball

  • Freeze

  • Lightning

  • Poison

  • Rocket

  • The Log

  • Zap

  • Crown Tower Damage

    35% > 30%


Spells have been the most popular and effective cards in the game since time immemorial.

While we think it’s cool for spells to have really healthy use rates, they provide a bit too much value if used to destroy a Troop next to the opponent’s tower.

This, coupled with the creation of sometimes stale and frustrating ‘Spell Cycle’ strategies, sees them get a slight reduction to Crown Tower Damage this Season.


  • Crown Tower Damage

    35% > 30%


Miner is often used for his Crown Tower Damage which was recently reduced to be in line with Spells. Keeping with this thinking, Miner has also been affected by this change.


  • Damage



Now these clumsy inexperienced fellas can destroy Spear Goblins with 1 hit.

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  • Projectile Range



Like Bats, The Log has been a strong leader in Challenge use rate, putting it far ahead of any other card.

Even though we don’t want to touch one of the two Legendary spells in the game too much, we thought it would make sense to up its skill-cap slightly. Now in order to hit the opponent’s Tower The Log should be deployed on the very top row of tiles.


  • Knockback


  • Royal Recruit Damage

    +8% (the same buff as the Royal Recruits card)


Royal Delivery has been a jack of all trades. It hits both ground and air, deals significant Area Damage, spawns a defensive Troop AND re-targets many Troops with its Knockback ability.

Since the Royal Recruit inside is getting a Damage buff, we think it’s the right time to make Royal Delivery less of an answer to every kind of push.

[경기 일정]

11월 18일 (토)오후 8시 예선전 1차

11월 19일 (일)오후 8시 예선전 2차

11월 25일 (토)오후 8시 3,4위전

11월 26일 (일)오후 8시 결승전


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