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Clash Royale — Sep 5, 2018

September Update!





  • Use Trade Tokens to swap cards with your Clanmates -

    even Legendary Cards!

  • Trade Tokens can be found in War Bounties, Special Challenges and the Shop

  • Find out more here


  • Earn a new reward after every war... the War Bounty!

  • War Bounties contain lots of gold, and sometimes a Trade Token!

  • Thanks to War Bounties, you can earn significantly more gold from Clan Wars now

  • Collection Day and War Day battles will count towards your Crown Chest

  • Play Collection Day 2v2 battles with your Clanmates even if you've already completed all your battles

  • Collection Day game modes have been switched up


  • Dreeeeew!

  • We've simplified card levels - 

    tap here to see what this means


    watch the video here


  • Added sorting "by level" to the card collection

  • Now you can use your Emotes in Clan Chat

  • Clans can set their required Trophies up to 6400

  • Your 2v2 teammate's cards and Elixir are shown next to their name by default

  • Added a 10 Gem, zero prize Tournament


  • We've rebalanced several cards -

    find out what's changed


  • Bandit is now immune to damage when dashing, instead of untargetable, so towers will stay locked on to her after a dash

Watch the latest episode of TV Royale for info and insight from the Clash Royale team!

We hope you enjoy the update - let us know what you think about it here!

See you in the Arena,
The Clash Royale Team