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Clash Royale β€” Sep 6, 2021

Balance Changes Are Here!

These changes are LIVE!


  • Tesla

  • Bomb Tower

  • Guards

  • Night Witch

  • Mother Witch

  • Poison

  • Electro Giant

  • Bomber

  • Hunter

  • Fire Spirit

  • Tombstone

  • Royal Giant

  • Goblins

  • Giant Snowball

  • Goblin Drill

  • Royal Hogs

Read all the changes and the reasons for them below!


  • Lifetime: πŸ‘‡ (35sec > 30sec)


  • Lifetime: ☝️ (25sec > 30sec)

We have seen that Tesla has been the most used building in the game for a long time, while Bomb Tower was hit hard by the last balance change.

This change will help balance out different buildings across the game and keep consistency for all "shooting" buildings to have a standard 30 Seconds lifetime.


  • Damage: ☝️ (+12%)

Guards needed some love since they have been one of the least used cards in the game. πŸ˜₯

We want to keep their shield Hitpoints consistent with other shields in the game, while also keeping their Hitpoints the same as all other skeletons.

So with this in mind, we gave them a decent Damage increase, leaving them on par with Dart Goblin!


  • Bats no longer spawn when destroyed

  • First Bat Spawn: ☝️ (4sec > 1sec)

  • Spawn Rate: ☝️ (7sec > 5sec)

Night Witch was a centerpiece of some devastating combos together with Golem and Clone. At the same time, she is barely used outside of those archetypes.

So this rework is our take to remove the frustrating part of dealing with her while enabling use in different decks.


  • Hitpoints: πŸ‘‡ (-4%)

Mother Witch could be powerful and unreachable on the other side of the battlefield, mandating players to Fireball her as soon as possible. With this Hitpoints reduction, you can get rid of her with Arrows + Log, leaving more spell options for counterplay.


  • Enemy Movement Speed: Slowed (-15% Speed)

Lately, Fireball has been the most used high Damage spell, granting instant Damage and pushback for whoever uses it. Poison needed a way to stand out as a 4 Elixir spell Adding this slight buff should make it a viable choice for many decks now.


  • Hitpoints: πŸ‘‡ (-4%)

At times this big fella was unstoppable!

We've now reduced his Hitpoints to give more space for the defender to counter him, but by not nerfing him to the ground, he still should be a solid choice as a win condition.


  • Attack Range: πŸ‘‡ (-0.5 tiles)

Goblin Drill's popularity made the Bomber become a vital part of the current meta and let him shine at his best. However, we felt that for just 2 Elixir, he brings too much versatility and value for his cost.


  • First Attack: ☝️ (+0.2sec)

The Previous Hunter nerf (First Attack 0.4s slower) was just a little bit too much, so we have tweaked it up a bit.


  • Damage Radius: πŸ‘‡ (2500->2300)

Since the last balance change, the Goblin Barrel vs. Fire Spirit interaction has become too binary for Goblin Barrel users.

We've reduced the splash radius of a Fire Spirit so it doesn't kill all 3 Goblins if Goblin Barrel is deployed on top of a Tower.


  • Skeleton Spawn: ☝️ (+1 once destroyed)

Tombstone was one of the least used buildings and needed a significant buff. Bringing back the fourth Skeleton spawn when it is destroyed should help.


  • First Attack: (+0.2sec Slower)

It's difficult to prevent Royal Giant from hitting your tower at least once, even with timely deployed counters. This change will give the defender more time to react.


  • Spawn Distance: Goblins will now spawn with some distance between each other.

This is a tough card to balance, having dependencies with other Goblin cards (Goblin Gang, Goblin Barrel, Goblin Drill, etc.)

So instead of touching Goblin stats, we decided to add spawn distance between them (like Skeletons and Barbarians), allowing them to surround opponents when deployed.


  • Pushback: ☝️ (1500 > 1800)

Snowball is not a card many players place in their decks.

Now with this change, you can completely counter solo Goblin Barrel if you time your Snowball perfectly.


  • Goblin Spawn: πŸ‘‡ -1 Goblin Spawned when destroyed

Despite the previous balancing, Goblin Drill has remained too strong and put too much pressure on defenders.

With 1 less Goblin crammed into the contraption, it's easier to tackle the Drill... but it can still be deadly if unanswered.


  • Damage: ☝️(+6%)

There is no space for Royal Hogs in a heavy Area Damage meta.

With the Goblin Drill nerf and this slight Damage increase, we hope it brings new life to the piggies.

These changes are LIVE!

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See you in the Arena!

The Clash Royale Team