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Clash Royale — Jun 4, 2021

Summer Update Balance Changes

The Summer Update has arrived with hot balance changes and a brand new card!



    : The Goblin Drill

  • Fire Spirit

  • Furnace

  • Elite Barbarians

  • Rascals

  • Giant Skeleton

  • Cannon

  • Cannon Cart

  • Golem

  • Ice Wizard

Read all the changes and the reasons for them below!


  • Unlocks in Arena 13

  • 4 elixir cost

  • 9 seconds lifetime (spawns a goblin every 3 sec)

  • Releases three goblins upon death

  • Inflicts small damage with a slight pushback when its spawns

Behold the latest state-of-the-art Goblin technology! Tunnel your way under the Arena and unload Goblins next to the opponent’s towers.

You will be able to unlock it in challenges all season long!


  • Elixir cost: Reduced (2 > 1)

  • Unit count: Reduced (3 > 1)

  • Damage: Increased (+6%)

  • Hitpoints: Increased (+109%)

  • Jump range: Increased (+25%)

  • Damage radius: Increased (+47%)


  • Now spawns 1 reworked Fire Spirit

  • 2 extra waves, now every 7 seconds

  • Lifetime: Reduced (-2%)

Both Fire Spirits and Furnace are pretty weak and underused at the moment.

This is our take to unify all Spirits under the 1 elixir cost banner and make the Fire Spirit viable with a large, fireball-like area splash damage. These changes obviously also affect the Furnace which will only release one spirit at the time. Warm hugs to everyone!


  • Sight range: Increased (+9%)

Even if this looks like a buff a first glance, this is actually a nerf.

There’s a common scenario when one Elite Barbarian gets distracted by something deployed in the middle of the arena while the other keeps running to the tower, creating confusion and frustration for the defender. With this change, they both will be easier to distract and counter.


  • Rascal Girl first hit: Faster (1sec > 0.8sec)

Rascals are decent but underused in the current meta, so a small buff should shake things up a little and bring more attention to the Trio! The Girls used to take a weirdly large amount of time to start shooting with their bubble-gum slingshot. They will now be faster than ever! Let the gum fight begin!


  • Doubled Death Damage to Towers

The previous nerf was well-deserved but kind of an overkill. We want to incentivize more offensive play of the big guy, without turning him back into the ultimate push cleaner he was. By doubling his Death Damage to Towers, he once again becomes a significant threat that you cannot ignore.


  • Hit speed: Increased (+10%)


  • Hit speed in the destroyed state: Increased (+10%)

Cannon and Cannon Cart are both underused at the moment.

While Cannon Cart has a decent win rate, its static counterpart would definitely benefit from a small buff. Increasing the hit speed of the Cannon will make it more powerful without making the Cart too strong.


  • Golem Death Damage: Reduced (-28%)

Golem decks have proven to be too strong and difficult to deal with.

With this change, it should be fairly easier to defend a Golem push with small troops, like Minion Hordes or Archers, since the death damage will not be enough to eliminate them from the field anymore.


  • Hitpoints: Reduced (-3% - now dies to a Fireball)

The coolest Wizard has always been around.

A super defensive cheap unit that can’t be countered by a +1 elixir cost spell is not good for the pace of the game. He still should remain an excellent defence, but that leaves one more way to deal with him on the opposite side of the field.

These changes are LIVE with the Summer Update!