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Clash Royale — 2020년 8월 12일

시즌 14: 로얄 패스

로얄 패스가 뭔가요?

전투에서 크라운을 획득하고, 70개 보상 티어를 모두 잠금 해제하세요!

로얄 패스로 시즌 14의 특별한 보상과 특전을 잠금 해제할 수 있습니다.

전용 콘텐츠

시즌 14: 전쟁 준비 전용 콘텐츠

  • 메가 타워 스킨

  • 윙크 아처 이모티콘

한 번 잠금 해제하면 계속 사용할 수 있으나, 시즌 14에서만 획득할 수 있습니다!

잠금 해제할 수 있는 보상 70개

  • 로얄 패스 보상 티어


  • 무료 보상 티어


로얄 패스 보상 티어 35개

로얄 패스 보상 구성:

  • 특별한

    타워 스킨


  • 40,000


  • 로얄 패스

    번개 상자


  • 희귀 로얄 패스 번개 상자

    3개 (희귀 카드 보장!)

  • 영웅 로얄 패스 번개 상자

    4개 (영웅 카드 보장!)

  • 교환 토큰


  • 상자당 카드 교체

    최대 7번


  • 전설 상자 1개!

    (전설 카드 보장!)


  • 보너스 금고 (최대 10,000 골드)

* 번개 상자의 카드 교체 기회로 원하는 카드를 획득할 수 있는 확률을 높일 수 있습니다

** 아레나 6 이상 한정

로얄 패스 특전

로얄 패스 구매 시 다음 특전이 즉시 잠금 해제됩니다.

  • 특별 도전 무한 입장 및 이어하기

  • 상자 자동 잠금 해제

    (다음에 열 상자를 대기열에 추가해 자동으로 잠금 해제 시작!)

  • 로얄 패스 상자 및 크라운 상자

  • 로얄 패스 전용 황금색 이름

  • 클랜원을 위한 선물

Ready to take on CRL by storm? Here are all the details on rules, schedules, a prize pool breakdown and other info you need to know about what’s coming!


The road to the World Finals is long and full of challenges. The goal is clear: beat the best to become the best. From March till September, you will have seven chances to prove yourself among the world’s greatest players. We’ve saved seven spots in the World Finals for each Monthly Final winner and seven more for the most consistent challengers who couldn’t win one. Two extra spots are reserved for our China qualifiers!

Sounds good? Let’s dive into every step leading up to the World Finals!


Starting February 6th, the Path of Legends will be worth more than in-game rewards and fame. For each of the seven seasons, the Path of Legends' top 1000 players will be guaranteed a spot in our Monthly Qualifiers. You know the drill: climb your way to the “Ultimate Champion League” and build your rating to finish the season in the top 1000. Succeed and you are one step closer to becoming a Monthly Finalist.


By being in the top 1000 on the Path of Legends leaderboard by the end of the season, you’ll be able to sign-up for the Monthly Qualifiers. Everything, from sign-ups to battling will be done in the Tournament Hub in-game! Be prepared for two days of intense competition where only eight players will qualify for the next stage. As for the format? Let's break it down:

Day 1: A 1000-player Swiss Bracket to be played until 32 players remain.

Day 2: Double Round Robin. Players will be placed into one of 8 groups of 4 players. The top player from each group will advance to the Monthly Final.

All battles will be played using the in-game Duels format.


If you’re among the eight best in the Monthly Qualifiers, then congratulations: you are a Monthly Finalist! As such, you’ll be placed in a Double Elimination bracket, Duels format. Two days of competition await you. From there, it’s quite simple: Win it all and you are in the World Finals. If you fall short, don't despair, as your effort wasn’t in vain. That’s where the Competitive Points come into play!


Let’s review all the steps for each season!

  • Path of Legends: finish in the top 1000 to advance!

  • Monthly Qualifiers

    • Sign-up in the Tournament Hub

    • Swiss format: Reach the last 32

    • Double round robin (8 groups of 4 players): Get to the 1st place in your group

  • Monthly Finals: 8-player Double Elimination bracket. Win to qualify for the World Finals or keep collecting Competitive Points.

Important: You need to be 16 years old or older to participate in the CRL Monthly Qualifiers. Players must pass the fair play check, participate with clean accounts, and follow good sportsmanship.

You can read the full rulebook HERE!


Here’s the full CRL schedule, so you don’t miss anything:

  • March Qualifier

    • Path of Legends: 6th February – 6th March

    • Monthly Qualifiers: 11-12 March

    • Monthly Finals: 18-19 March

  • April Qualifier

    • Path of Legends: 6th March – 3rd April

    • Monthly Qualifiers: 8-9 April

    • Monthly Finals: 15-16 April

  • May Qualifier

    • Path of Legends: 3rd April – 1st May

    • Monthly Qualifiers: 6-7 May

    • Monthly Finals: 13-14 May

  • June Qualifier

    • Path of Legends: 1st May – 5th June

    • Monthly Qualifiers: 10-11 June

    • Monthly Finals: 17-18 June

  • July Qualifier

    • Path of Legends: 5th June – 3rd July

    • Monthly Qualifiers: 8-9 July

    • Monthly Finals: 15-16 July

  • August Qualifier

    • Path of Legends: 3rd July – 7th August

    • Monthly Qualifiers: 12-13 August

    • Monthly Finals: 19-20 August

  • September Qualifier

    • Path of Legends: 7th August – 4th September

    • Monthly Qualifiers: 9-10 September

    • Monthly Finals: 16-17 September

Monthly Qualifiers start at 14:00 UTC. You can check in between 11:30 and 13:30 in the Tournament Hub.
Monthly Finals start at 14:00 UTC