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Chasing the Unicorns

Supercell's headcount is growing, so we need to hire more talent acquisition professionals. The purpose of this article is to attract them.

Sorry for the clickbaity title. It's corny and cringy – we know. Unlike Supercell's recruitment team – we hope. While we have your attention, see the job ad for Senior Talent Acquisition Partners (~glorified recruiters?)!

In case you’re a professional in another field, and this text makes you curious to join, we have tons of other open roles for you to choose from.

Quo vadis, Supercell?

Supercell is growing. Read more from the pen of the CEO, but in a nutshell, we are making ourselves extremely comfortable with embracing change and all the discomfort coming with it. 

To serve our players better, we’re increasing the size of our teams to allow them to create better games, both to innovate on entirely new projects and to take something already great and figure out how to make it even better. 

Regardless of where in Supercell you find yourself, the company wants to provide you with an environment where you can make the best work of your career. So, when the day comes, and we reminisce about the games, projects, features, slide decks, Excel formulas, and command line prompts made, we want the best of them to have happened while being here. 

Recruiting the Best Talent

Over the past decade, you might have read from the media about our cultural quirk of celebrating failures/learnings by drinking champagne and how the core Finnish value of humbleness in front of achievements is deeply rooted in our culture. 

As recruiters, we deal with people. It’s safe to say that despite amassing some of the absolutely best talent in the world, Supercell is home to people characterised as good human beings. Approachable, eager to help, some quirkier than others, and everyone dedicated to contributing beyond individual accolades. 

The challenge for us is keeping the bar high as the company grows. It’s a balancing act of speed, quality, and service. It’s a fruitful time to join the recruitment team, as we invite fresh perspectives and experience to raise us to the next level – and beyond (it’s like a never-ending F2P game).

The Best Process

“Whenever you do, do it for the customers”. We’ve taken this corporate adage to heart and defined the clientele of our recruitment team as two-fold: the teams and hiring managers on the one hand and candidates on the other. Our role is to… fill positions. But so it is to provide an exceptional experience for the candidates – the human beings we interact with.

Sure, we’re ambitious, meticulous, and curiously applying detail orientation and flexibility when needed, making changes to the pieces of our process. But at the end of the day, as much as a process gets us only halfway there, there is no secret sauce. The magic lies in caring, and the rest comes with it.


What we offer for a Senior Talent Acquisition Partner is in the title's last word. You’ll get to collaborate with our teams to figure out what, how, and who they need in their journeys to build the best games. It’s like going monster hunting and having Hiring Managers and People Partners as your neighbors

If you really, really, really want to know why your best work might be waiting for you, see the specs and get in touch.

It’ll be _ _ N.