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Compensation and Benefits

Luring you in with glitter, glamour, and gems is not what we seek to do. We develop Supercell as an employer for you to do your best work and to call this the best experience in your professional life. We want you to fully enjoy your time here, so we structure our compensation and benefits to serve this purpose.

We start with perceiving you as a human being, not a resource.

Figuring out the best way to support everyone’s holistic well-being is a never-ending journey of listening, learning, and developing. An extensive health care plan is a no-brainer for us, but so is a culture where we are encouraged to care for ourselves above everything else.

Quality work and creativity need space, time, and relaxation. Resting and taking time off when needed is in your hands.

We’ve also designed a paid sabbatical program so you can extend your summer or winter break. Whether you spend that time visiting your family overseas – or get as far away from them as possible – we also offer extended parental leave.

Your personal development is personal, but all of us become better with the help and support of others. Our coaching services are easily accessible, and our continued educational support is generous. (Hello, MBA!)

While salary is based on your background, skills, and experience, your financial compensation model consists of an annual bonus and equity that comes with dividends, refresh grants, and liquidity.

Our aim is to build the right environment where nothing is in your way to create the best work of your career.

As we structure the concrete benefit offerings across our office locations, we apply the same core principles but adjust to fit local policies and employee preferences.

Now, smacking a lengthy bullet point list here feels a bit too exhaustive (maybe?), but here's a start for clarity:

▪︎ Holistic health care and well-being benefits
▪︎ Gym benefits
▪︎ Mental health support
▪︎ International travel benefits for you as well as your family
▪︎ Local transportation benefits
▪︎ Generous parental leave
▪︎ Continuing education support
▪︎ Extensive personal development support
▪︎ Individual coaching assistance
▪︎ Matching charitable donations (both money and time)
▪︎ Paid sabbatical program
▪︎ Pension plan in applicable locations (e.g. 401k)

You'll get all the details during the recruitment process. Our recruiters look forward to helping you understand of our culture and what working here would be like.

See all our open positions here. Talk to you soon!