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news — Nov 11, 2019

Supercell Launches Content Creation Platform Supercell Make

Supercell Make is a new community website to create and share artwork starting with Brawl Stars skins.

Supercell Make is Supercell’s new website aimed at artistically-inclined players and fans to create and share new Brawl Stars skins to the community. By logging in, users can download game character assets and participate in ongoing campaigns calling for new creations. Once submitted, the community gets to pick their favorites and cast their votes.

It’s a unique opportunity for artists around the world to have their part in the development of Brawl Stars. “Your skin might get selected to be in the game for all players to see and play with. There's also a monetary reward for the artists who make it this far,” says community manager Daniel Medeiros.

“The team is excited to have a new way to interact with our community. I’m sure we’ll see lots of unbelievably awesome creations!”

Supercell Make is already ready for you to submit your creations at