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Player IDs

Player IDs

Player IDs easily let you add fellow players as friends. To make things even better, in 2024, your Player ID will become something that’s much easier to remember. Also, it will be shared across all games connected to your Supercell ID.

Don’t worry, you get to keep your original in-game name. We will simply make your Player ID more like it.

For example:

If your in-game name is Barbarian, your new unique Player ID could become something like SolidBarbarian.

You can use your friend’s Player ID to add them in games with Player ID support.

When will Player IDs be available?

You can claim a custom Player ID in the Supercell ID section on right now. So, if you have an ID in mind, claim it!

We plan to introduce Player IDs to all Supercell games in the near future!

Just be sure that no one else has claimed the Player ID before you. Once you’ve changed your Player ID, it can’t be changed again, so be sure to pick one that’s just right for you!


Player IDs are moderated and cannot be political or offensive, and they can’t contain personal identifiable information, hate speech, or bullying. You can report Player IDs if they violate our content policy. Player IDs deemed inappropriate will be reset to an automatically generated one.