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Brawl Stars — Mar 21, 2024

#100StarrDrops Community Event!

[UPDATE] - The #100StarrDrops Community Event is complete!

The team needs to do some preparation work for the game servers before handing out the rewards, so in order for everyone to have the smoothest experience possible, we are planning to release the 100 Starr Drops for everyone tomorrow, March 22nd!

We don't have a specific time right now for when this will happen, but the Starr Drops will 100% be available tomorrow in the Shop. So for now, go touch grass!

#100StarrDrops Community Event!

We heard you like community events, so we begged Frank to let us do another one, and here it is!

It's the #100StarrDrops community event!

For this one, we're not tracking Takedowns anymore – This time, the goal is for the entire community to unite and collect 1.5 Billion Rare Starr Drops!

You read that right! Now getting a Rare Starr Drop is the best thing that can happen to you in the whole wide world! That's because if the community completes this event, EVERYONE GETS 100 RANDOM STARR DROPS! jndfsnjdfsnddndsndsnjdgijngsd!!!!

You have until March 25th to complete the event!

Milestones & Rewards

  • At event start - Daily Login Calendar with Random Starr Drops

  • 300 Million Rare Starr Drops collected - Double Daily Starr Drops

  • 600 Million - 1 Random Starr Drop

  • 900 Million - 3 Random Starr Drops

  • 1.2 Billion - 5 Random Starr Drops

  • 1.5 Billion - 100 Random Starr Drops

All the Starr Drop rewards will appear in the Shop shortly after reaching each milestone, but your account needs at least 400 Trophies to be eligible for the rewards!

Mega Prize

After reaching the final milestone, everyone will get 100 Random Starr Drops, but then the 100 players who got the highest amount of Rare Starr Drops will be the ones who get the Mega Prize: 100 LEGENDARY STARR DROPS!

So the more unlucky you get during the event, the more likely you will be the Mega Prize winner!

The #100StarrDrops community event is already live and lasts until March 25th, so you better start collecting those Rares!