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Brawl Stars — Mar 8, 2024

Brawl Like a Girl Community Event!

The #BrawlLikeAGirl community event is here in celebration of International Women's Day!

This time the target is 1.5 Billion Takedowns using ONLY female Brawlers!

If the community reaches this milestone, everyone will get a LEGENDARY STARR DROP!

And as usual, Takedowns from all game modes will count towards filling the tracker bar!

The event starts NOW and ends on March 11th.

Milestones & Rewards

Like before, this community event will also feature several milestones that give you extra benefits for reaching them:

  • 300 Million Takedowns - Mastery Madness: 50% more Mastery Points per win

  • 600 Million - Mastery Madness: 100% more Mastery Points per win

  • 900 Million - Mastery Madness: 150% more Mastery Points per win

  • 1.2 Billion - Mastery Madness: 200% more Mastery Points per win

  • 1.5 Billion - 1 Legendary Starr


And as part of the celebration, we will also be donating 150,000 USD to 3 non-profit organizations that focus on education and humanitarian assistance for girls and women around the world!

You can find more information below about each of these organizations, their work, and how to support them if you'd like:


We'll have one of these as well!

If the community manages to reach the final milestone of the event, we will pick 10 random players who participated in the event, who will get ALL the female Brawlers in the game!

Winners will be contacted on March 11th after the event ends via in-game message!

That's it! Go out there and #BrawlLikeAGirl!