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Brawl Stars — Oct 3, 2023

New Shooting Starr Drops Event!

Hypercharges are coming to Starr Drops, and to celebrate, we have a new event called #ShootingStarrDrops!

Watch the video or read below to find out what’s going to happen:


Double Starr Drops for everyone, every day! 

From October 3rd until October 17th, get your daily wins as usual but this time you get TWO Starr Drops per milestone instead of one!


4 billion Takedowns in 14 days! Everyone in the community can contribute and reaching each target will earn everyone FREE STARR DROPS, including Legendary ones!

Every Takedown in these modes counts: Trophy matches, Power League, Club League, Challenges, Friendly matches, and Map Maker.

Everyone will have a free Rare Starr Drop in the Shop at the start, but after that, these are the Takedown targets to unlock each of the rewards:

  • 500 Million Takedowns = Super Rare Starr Drop

  • 1 Billion = Epic Starr Drop

  • 2 Billion = Epic Starr Drop

  • 3 Billion = Mythic Starr Drop

  • 4 Billion = Legendary Starr Drop

But it doesn’t stop at 4 billion
! For each billion the community reaches after that, there will be another Legendary Starr Drop!

So, one more Legendary Starr Drop at 5 billion, another at 6 billion, 7 billion, and so on.

There are no limits! Just remember you have only until October 17th to try and beat the goal!


Brawl Content Creators are also having GEM GIVEWAYS!

Each Creator will have up to 8 codes of 170 Gems each to give away. Just look for the hashtag #ShootingStarrDrops on any social media and you’ll find their giveaways!

And here’s the final surprise - You know what to do when you see a shooting star, right? You make a wish!

So, hidden among these giveaways there will be 5 GOLDEN CODES THAT GRANT YOU A WISH in the game!

If you’re lucky enough to get a Golden Code from the giveaways, we’ll reach out and you’ll be able to make ONE WISH for anything in Brawl Stars (within the realm of possibility!), and we’ll do our best to grant it to you.

Maybe you want ALL the Skins in the game? Or to offer all the Pins to your best friend? A million Gems? Let us know!


Following the maintenance break on October 3rd, we made the following changes:

  • Re-enabled the Game Mode slots 5 and 6 with the following changes:

    • Slot 1 = Showdown 24/7 (Unchanged)

    • Slot 2 = Brawl Ball 24/7 (Unchanged)

    • Slot 3 = Gem Grab 24/7 (added 4 maps for a total of 8 maps)

    • Slot 4 = Siege & Wipeout (Unchanged)

    • Slot 5 = Knockout 24/7 (added 4 maps for a total of 8 maps)

    • Slot 6 = Heist & Hot Zone (4 maps/modes)

  • Updated Quest generation to match the new map and game mode rotation

  • Increased the Power Point cap to 99999. We intend to completely remove this cap with the next game update

  • Hypercharges can now be found in Legendary Starr Drops

  • Rebalanced drop rates and amounts of Coins, Power Points and Token Doublers received from Starr Drops

    • Players will receive less Power Point and Token Doublers, but instead will get more Coins from Starr Drops from now onwards

That’s it! Time to take down some Brawlers!

TL:DR? Watch the announcement video below!