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Brawl Stars — Mar 3, 2024

Brawl Esports Partner Program

It’s time for an update on our Brawl Stars Esports Partner Program!

In this post you will learn about:

  • The basics of the Brawl Stars esports Partner Program

  • A new team joining the program!

  • How you can support your favorite team

  • ...AND MORE!

What is the Partner Program?

To make it easier for YOU to support your favorite esports teams, Supercell has partnered with a lineup of amazing esports organizations: ZETA Division, NAVI, SK Gaming, STMN, Team Queso, Tribe Gaming, Reply Totem, Qlash, FUT Esports and Luminosity Gaming, as well as a brand new arrival!

As part of this partnership, each organization has its own team-specific Pins, Sprays, Profile Icons (only for the teams that qualify for World Finals) and Skins (for the World Champions!) available for purchase in the in-game shop!

A New Challenger Approaches: SSG!

We are delighted to welcome SPACESTATION GAMING to Brawl esports!

They have joined the Partner Program and picked up an exciting roster with Tuni, Fade, Toast and RBM competing in the North America region!

SSG’s Pins and Sprays are also available now!

Where to find these cosmetics in-game?

When the partnered Sprays and Pins aren’t featured on the shop front page, you can always find them in the Shop -> Catalog -> Themes and clicking the icon shown in the image below:

How to Become a Partner?

If you’re running a successful esports organization that can create exciting content around the team and are interested in joining the Partner Program, look no further! We’ll keep a close eye on applications coming through this form.

That said, our esports circuit is open to everyone, so even those who don't join the Partner Program are still welcome to compete!

Let's Go!

Our first broadcast of the year lands on March 30-31 and you can watch, interact and earn FREE rewards on!

That's all! Check out more about our 2024 competition here - and don’t miss out on anything!