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Brawl Stars — Jun 25, 2024



  • Surge's "Serve Ice Cold" Star Power

  • Certain Brawlers' dash abilities going through walls

  • Janet's "Drop the Bass" Gadget

  • Chat button in Friendly Battle Lobbies

  • Ringmaster Byron's win animation

  • Friendship request reply buttons missing in some invites

  • Gale's Super shooting more projectiles than it should

  • Crashes when pressing the Friends button

  • Crashes at the end of 5v5 matches

  • Rank up Club notification clipping errors in the Club Chat

  • Jacky Cooky Skin missing her walking animation

  • Looking for a Team interface errors

  • Player Profile screen not loading properly

  • "Mute Team Invites/Do not Disturb" settings not being saved after the game is restarted

  • Switch Brawler button in Starr Road disappearing in certain situations



  • Hypercharge charges faster (charge rate increased) 25 -> 35


  • Attack speed modifier when Frank has low HP decreased 70 -> 60


  • Damage decreased 1200 -> 1100

  • HP decreased 4200 -> 4100


We are actively monitoring the 'mastery bot' farming situation and are suspending accounts when we identify they have been participating in this behavior



Type: Damage Dealer

  • Trait: Clancy gains a token when hitting an enemy Brawler with an ability, and after collecting a certain amount of tokens, he upgrades through stages that improve his attacks

  • Attack: Power Wash

  • Stage 1 (0 tokens): Clancy shoots a paintball

  • Stage 2 (15 tokens): Clancy shoots two paintballs per attack

  • Stage 3 (30 tokens): Clancy gains sidewinders paintballs, shooting 2 more diagonally with each attack. He also gains increased movement speed!

  • Super: Torrent

  • Stage 1. Clancy shoots a torrent of paintballs in front of him

  • Stage 2. Shoots his paintballs further

  • Stage 3. Torrent deals even more damage

  • Gadget: Snappy Shooting 

  • Clancy gets double tokens for 5 seconds

  • Gadget: Tactical Retreat

  • Clancy dashes and reloads 1 ammo

  • Star Power: Recon 

  • Clancy starts the game with 3 tokens

  • Star Power: Pumping Up

  • Clancy reloads on every enemy takedown


Type: Support

  • Trait: Berry charges his Super from both healing AND damage that he deals

  • Attack: Meltdown

  • Berry throws melted ice cream at a targeted area, damaging enemies and healing allies on impact and over time

  • Super: Sweet Swirl

  • Berry dashes forward, spinning and dropping melted ice cream around him, damaging enemies and healing allies on impact and over time

  • Gadget: Friendship is Great

  • Berry swipes his tail, knocking back enemies and healing nearby allies for 1080 health

  • Gadget: Healthy Additives

  • Berry’s next main attack area lasts 100% longer

  • Star Power: Floor is Fine 

  • Berry gains 50% increased reload speed while standing on his own melted ice cream

  • Star Power: Making a Mess

  • Berry’s basic attack gains 20% extra damage on impact in areas that have no ice cream


We made some changes to Brawlers to help them become more balanced and find a better place in the meta.


  • Frank’s attack speed now increases with % health lost


  • Basic attacks whilst in her mecha now shoot more projectiles

  • Reduced damage and range


  • Chester’s Star Power Bell’o’mania is now part of Chester’s basic attack loadout. This means that Chester now has four stages to his attack sequence by default.

  • New Star Power: Single Bell’o’mania (replaces Bell’o’mania) - the first bell of Chester’s attack sequence does 200% damage. 



Barley - Bottled Up Rage

  • Barley hurls 3 Big Brews that also destroys all bushes on impact.

Piper - Boppin'

  • Piper drops even more bombs as she departs at an increased speed! She also destroys terrain and knocks enemies back as she lands!

Frank - Seismic Smash

  • Frank’s Super now hits an entire circle around him!

Emz - Overhyped Haze

  • Emz pushes enemies to the outer edge of her Super on activation and follows up with a dose of her spray.

Angelo - In My Element

  • Angelo’s Super follows him during Hypercharge!

Gale - Blizzard

  • Gale’s Super is slightly wider and fires twice, knocking enemies even further away!

Rico - Trick Shot King

  • Rico’s Super projectiles bounce even further!


From July 12 - July 31: Experience Brawl Stars like it’s 2019!





    • Earn Star Tokens to unlock Mega Boxes. Star Tokens can be earned from a first win in selected game modes & featured new game modes.

    • Other ways to earn Star Tokens throughout the Event include through Quests, Challenges, and a Mega Box in the Shop mid-event.

    • Mega Boxes can contain Coins, Power Points, Bling, Gems, XP Doublers, Brawlers, Player Icons, Pins, Skins, and the new Rico Hypercharge Skin (with two different Chromas)!

    • Players can buy Mega Boxes in the Shop.

    • After opening enough Mega Boxes, the new Rico Hypercharge Skin is unlocked for free!

All Classic game modes have the following modifier:

  • Brawlers are capped at level 9.

  • No Hypercharges, Gadgets or Gears!

  • Only the first Star Power is available.

Play Brawl Stars like it’s 2019!


    • Free-for-all game mode where everyone starts with the same Brawler.

    • Each takedown will transform the player to a different Brawler in a set chain.

    • Getting the final takedown with the last Brawler in the chain wins you the game!


    • Every player plays as the same classic Brawler.

    • Classic maps & modes only!

    • The mirrored Brawler is changed throughout the Event.

    • Brawlers featured:

      • Bo

      • Barley

      • Brock

      • Bull

      • Colt

      • Crow

      • Dynamike

      • El Primo

      • Jessie

      • Mortis

      • Nita

      • Poco

      • Rico

      • Shelly

      • Spike

      • Piper

      • Pam

      • Darryl

      • Penny

      • Frank

      • Leon

All Classic Brawl recolors and Stellar Shelly will be available from MEGA BOXES during the event, and in the catalog after the event.

Sovereign Rico and his Chroma variants will be available during the Classic Brawl event and possibly at a later date in the future. This skin is not exclusive to the event, but will not be available in the catalog.


  • It’s now easier to team up!

    • Redesigned "Team Up" button along with other UI elements.

    • Better overview when teaming up with Friends and when searching for other players to team up.

    • Added QR functionality to join a team easier IRL!

    • Simplified the process to add Friends through Supercell ID

    • Can now share & scan a QR code to add a friend

  • Quick Chat has been improved!

    • You can now Quick Chat directly from the home screen.

    • Your most used Pins will appear first

    • Redesigned Quick Chat options

  • You will now get double XP when teaming up!

  • Add Friends directly at the end of a match! 


July Brawl Pass Season: Gods Vs. Monsters

  • Poseidon R-T | Mythic

  • Dionysus Angelo | Super Rare

  • Medusa Emz | Epic | Brawl Pass

    • Ruby Medusa Emz | Chroma | Epic

    • Sapphire Medusa Emz | Chroma | Epic

  • Minotaur Bull | Mythic

  • Harpy Melodie | Epic | Ranked

  • Athena Piper | Mythic 

August Brawl Pass Season: Paint Brawl!

  • Jellyfish Sandy | Epic | Brawl Pass

    • Neon Jellyfish Sandy | Chroma | Epic

    • Glowing Jellyfish Sandy | Chroma | Epic

  • Tentacle Bonnie | Super Rare

  • Cuttlefish Jacky | Super Rare

  • Shell Blaster Gale | Epic | Ranked

  • Aquamarine Sprout | Epic 

Mini-Theme: Classic

  • Sovereign Rico | Hypercharge

    • Sovereign Gem Rico | Chroma | Hypercharge

    • Sovereign Bling Rico | Chroma | Hypercharge

  • Deputy Brock | Super Rare

  • Stellar Shelly | Epic

  • Rouge Ricochet | Super Rare

  • Boomer Dynamike | Chroma | Super Rare

  • Sheriff Shelly | Super Rare 

Mini-Theme: Pirates

  • Seadog Ruffs | Epic

  • Buccaneer Barley | Epic

  • Man-o-war Doug | Epic


  • Brock 2.0 - Brock has gotten a full makeover!

  • Viking Bull | Super Rare

    • Norse Raider Bull | Chroma | Super Rare

  • Caveman Frank | Super Rare

    • Prehistoric Frank | Chroma | Super Rare


  • Mr. Dragonfruit (Supercell Make winner) | Epic

  • Bubble Trouble Amber (Supercell Make winner) | Epic

  • High Stakes Clancy | Rare

  • Dark Horse Berry | Rare

True Silver & True Gold 

  • Larry & Lawrie

  • Melodie

  • Angelo

  • Draco

  • Lily 


  • Unicorn - Berry Mastery Title

  • Shell Shocked - Clancy Mastery Title

  • Immortal - Gods Vs. Monsters Brawl Pass Plus Title

  • Vandal - Paint Brawl! Brawl Pass Plus Title




  • Increased Hypercharge damage 500 → 750 per rocket

  • Increased Hypercharge Super rocket spread slightly


  • Ammo: 1->2


  • Increased main attack damage 980 -> 1000


  • Increased Super charge gained from Super 112 -> 125


  • Super charge rate from main attack 5 -> 4 ammo (2 after 1x Super hit)


  • Increased health 5400 -> 5600




  • Reduced damage reduction while Super is active 25 -> 15%


  • Increased amount of basic attacks required to charge Super (2 fully charged -> 3 fully charged shots)

  • Reduced damage 2200 -> 2000


  • Reduced damage 800 -> 760

  • Gadget - Spiders - reduced health reduction duration 10s -> 5s duration


  • Reduced Hypercharge charge speed (now 2.5 Supers)


  • Gadget - Multiball Launcher - Reduced damage - 1024 -> 896 


  • Star Power - Power Hungry - Reduced bonus from power cubes 200 -> 150%


  • Reduced health 4100 -> 3600



  • Play Again and Play in a Team Quests are back!

Maps, Game Modes & Rotation Changes

NEW: Paint Brawl (goes live with Paint Brawl Season)

  • Pick up the “paint ball” to start painting. Each team tries to cover the map with their team color, and the first team to 100% coverage wins!

  • Performing takedowns will also spray paint where the Brawler once was!

Community Slot

We’ve decided to keep Duels in the game mode rotation since it has been performing better than other recent temporary game modes. We’ll monitor the mode’s performance for another update cycle, and the team will discuss whether or how to make Duels a permanent addition to the game mode rotation.

Ranked Mode


  • Ranked Boost is now only active until players reach rank Legendary I

  • When you achieve the next major rank, a message will be sent in your Club to celebrate

  • Masters Rank is now shown in Player Profile & Leaderboards

New Ranked Modifiers

  • Healing Wind and Gotta Go Fast!

Map & Environment Changes


  • Removed:

    • Love Swamp

    • Enchanted Forest

    • Super City

    • Godzilla

  • Added:

    • Deep Sea

    • Candy Land

    • Darryl’s Ship


We’re increasing the amount of maps in rotation in certain game modes:

  • Bounty: 4 → 6

  • Brawl Ball: 8 → 12

  • Gem Grab: 8 → 12

  • Heist: 4 → 6

  • Hot Zone: 4 → 6

  • Knockout: 8 → 12

  • Showdown: 8 → 12

Map Changes

  • Bounty

    • Flank Attack (New)

    • Iris Intervention (New)

  • Brawl Ball

    • Spider Crawler (New)

    • Offside Trap (New)

    • Penalty Kick (Returning)

    • Pinball Dreams (Returning)

  • Gem Grab

    • Sneaky Sneak (New)

    • Ahead of the Curve (New)

    • Double Swoosh (Returning)

    • Minecart Madness (Returning)

  • Heist

    • Diamond Dome (New)

    • Double Locking (New)

  • Hot Zone

    • Reflections (New)

    • Local Businesses (New)

  • Knockout

    • Dragon Jaws (New)

    • Twilight Passage (New)

    • Hard Lane (New)

    • Island Hopping (New)

  • Showdown

    • Leaping Frogs (New)

    • Final Four (New)

    • Flying Fantasies (Returning)

    • Safety Center (Returning)

  • Wipeout

    • Spice Production (New)

    • Coconut Cove (New)

    • The Great Open (Removed)

    • Quad Damage (Removed)

  • Duels

    • No changes!

  • Ranked (and Brawl Stars Championship)

    • Bounty: Shooting Star, Canal Grande, Hideout (no changes)

    • Heist: Kaboom Canyon, Hot Potato, Safe Zone (no changes)

    • Hot Zone: Dueling Beetles, Open Business, Parallel Plays (no changes)

    • Brawl Ball: Center Stage, Pinball Dreams, Penalty Kick

    • Gem Grab: Hard Rock Mine, Double Swoosh, Undermine

    • Knockout: Belle’s Rock, Out in the Open, Flaring Phoenix

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where a Brawler could not be defeated when hit by an insta-takedown amount of damage

  • Fixed attack and walking animations for Godzilla Buzz Skins in Hypercharge form

  • Fixed an issue where Cordelius’ Poison Mushroom’ gadget silenced Brawlers that were still under spawn protection (this fix also prevents other status effects while spawn protected)

  • Melodie’s Super progress is now kept after respawning, (occurred if you had previously used Super)

  • Fixed the 'FREE' notification sometimes not appearing in the Shop

  • Fixed the 'NEW' notification not disappearing after visiting the Shop


  • Improved overall game performance

  • The Bling cap has been removed

  • Hank’s Mastery Title is now ‘Prawn Ready!’

  • Matchmaking for special game modes such as Mega Pig, Drum Roll, and Mirror Match will be based on a player’s average trophies for their top 10 Brawlers

  • Added creation date to the player stats tooltip

  • Added a new Brawl Pass promotional offer feature for players who haven't bought a Brawl Pass in a very long time

  • Added a new Alien Fame level with a corresponding set of cosmetics

  • You can now get your unique username on Supercell ID!