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Brawl Stars — Dec 1, 2023

Chroma No More and Game Changes!

Chroma NO MORE and Game Changes!

Chroma NO MORE

The Chromatic rarity and the Chroma Credits will be removed from the game in the next update in December. Together with this, many other changes are coming. Including a Chroma Farewell event called #ChromaNoMore!

But let’s start with all the changes coming together with the removal of Chroma Credits

Chromatic Brawlers will change to different rarities

Every Chromatic Brawler will receive a different rarity, and all of them (but Charlie) will also be available on Starr Road in the next update. Charlie will be available on Starr Road right after the Bizarre Circus season ends.
Here are the new rarities for each one of them:

  • Epic - Pearl, Mandy, Maisie, Sam, Lola, Ash, Belle, Gale and Colette

  • Mythic - Lou, Ruffs, Buzz, Fang, Janet, Otis, R-T, Charlie, Eve and Buster

  • Legendary - Cordelius and Surge

All Chroma Credits will become Credits

Chroma Credits are currently distributed in Brawl Pass, Masteries, Shop, Trophy Road and your account (if you haven’t spent them yet). Here are the changes for each one of them:

Brawl Pass and Trophy Road

  • Every unclaimed Chroma Credit in the current Brawl Pass/Trophy Road will be converted into Credits (the conversion rate is 1.85 Credit for every Chroma Credit)

  • Unclaimed Chroma Credits from the previous Brawl Pass seasons will be auto-claimed and used on the Brawler you are currently unlocking. If you have all Brawlers collected, it’ll go to Fame


  • Mastery rewards follow a Brawler’s rarity - the higher the rarity, the better the rewards

  • Since Chromatic Brawlers will be distributed into different rarities, their Mastery Track will follow their new assigned rarity

  • This means that Brawlers who become Epic will have their Mastery Track nerfed (so we recommend that you collect them now)

Unspent Chroma Credits in your account

  • They will all convert into Credits (the conversion rate is 1.85 Credit for every Chroma Credit)
    After they are converted, they will be delivered to your Inbox

  • You can claim those Credits at any time you want, but be mindful that as you get more and more inbox messages, there’s a chance that this one could get lost or forgotten. So claim it as soon as it makes sense for you


  • Chroma Credits won’t be available anymore in the Daily Reward/Jackpots

Changes to rewards from past Brawl Pass Seasons

Rewards from previous Brawl Pass seasons will be auto-claimed once the new update drops. This means that any resource you have unclaimed will be automatically delivered to your account.
In the case of Chroma Credits, they will be converted to Credits and will be sent to the Brawler you are currently unlocking, or if you already have all the Brawlers, it will go to Fame.
If you wish to have your Chroma Credits delivered to your inbox instead of to Starr Road or Fame, you must collect them before the update arrives.

Previous Brawl Pass Season rewards will also be auto-claimed at the start of every new season from now on.
This change will unfortunately affect players who were saving their Credits and using this functionality as a “credit bank”. All the other resources shouldn’t be affected by the change as they are uncapped. Auto-claimed Bling should go over the cap from now on as well.
We apologize if you are in this scenario, but things should get more stable once the new Brawl Pass starts in January because of the following changes:

  • We aim to release a Brawler every month together with the new monthly Brawl Pass (that’s the plan so far, but we are still experimenting, so it could change in the future)

  • This means that all the unclaimed Credits from a previous season will go either to the Brawler you are currently unlocking, to the newly released Brawler, or to Fame (if you have all the Brawlers)

  • Note that the Chromatic Rarity won’t exist anymore after the new update, so if you are missing only the Chromatic Brawlers, the auto-claimed Credits will go to Starr Road

  • The Brawler of the Month will also be available in Starr Drops right after the Early Access period

  • Charlie will also be available in Starr Drops and in Starr Road once a new season starts (in January)

Apart from the changes above, improvements to Fame should also be coming in 2024.

Fame Improvements

We are aware of the current sentiment that Fame is not great. So, we’ll add some improvements to it in the first update of 2024. We are still keeping it cosmetic-only, but now, you will be getting a different cosmetic reward for each new Fame rarity you reach.

For each Fame level, you’ll get:

  • Fame level 1: Profile Picture

  • Fame level 2: Pin

  • Fame level 3: A frame (new cosmetic item for your Battle Card)

This is the current plan for Fame at the moment, but things can still change in the actual update as the design is still a work-in-progress.

#ChromaNoMore Event

Finally, the fun part! From December 1st to December 12th we’ll kick off a new community event to give a proper goodbye to Chroma Credits and the Chromatic Rarity. We’ll aim for 4 Billion Takedowns again, but there’s a twist!

For each milestone reached, you’ll unlock a new event (Chroma Shower, Token Shower, Coin Shower, and so on…). Every unlocked event will be added on top of each other. This means that multiple events will be active at the same time!

You can follow your current progress in a tracking bar in the in-game news. It’ll be updated every 30 minutes.

Here are the current milestones and which events they will unlock:

  • 0 Takedowns = Double Starr Drops (unlocked with the event start)

  • 500 Million Takedowns = Mastery Madness 50%

  • 1 Billion = Coin Shower

  • 1.5 Billion Chroma Credit Shower

  • 2 Billion = Token Shower

  • 3 Billion = Mastery Madness 100%

  • 4 Billion = Legendary Starr Drop

This also means that once you unlock the Token Shower event, all other Shower events will also be doubled! The coolest part of the event is that you’ll get a lot of resources for every match you win!

#ChromaNoMore Giveaway

Together with the event, we’ll also have a giveaway hosted by Content Creators. They’ll be giving away the new Brawl Pass Plus (in January)
And this time, we’ll have 5 Chroma Codes. If you get lucky and get one of them, it means you’ll be getting the new Brawl Pass + (in January) AND all the Chromatic Brawlers!
To participate, look for the #ChromaNoMore and #Brawlstars hashtags on social media!

3 Hot Tips on how to take advantage of the event

Playing normal matches will already get you a lot of resources, but here are 3 ways to optimize your results!

1 - Chromatic Brawlers are getting different rarities, so use your Chroma Credits on the ones who will become Mythic and Legendary, so you’ll have them for cheaper before their new rarity increases the cost to unlock them

2- The Mastery track of the Chromatic Brawlers will change and follow their newly assigned rarity. So, use the Mastery Madness event to help you push the Chromatic Brawlers Masteries and collect better rewards before the change.

3 - The faster the community reaches the goal, the more resources everyone gets! So make sure to call your friends (and even your enemies) back!

Enjoy the event and #ChromaNoMORE!