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Brawl Stars — Sep 29, 2023

Important! Club changes are coming!


If you have watched the latest Brawl Talk, you know some changes to Club League and Club Games are coming soon! Or, well, if you haven’t watched Brawl Talk, now you know.

So, to be prepared for the changes, here’s what you should know:

  • You’ll benefit more from the changes if you are in an active and full Club. The more active members, the better!

  • If you are not in a Club, then… join one!

  • The Club Shop will be removed! 😱

  • If you really want to buy a Club Skin with your Club Coins, you still have time until the next Brawl Stars Update!

  • In the upcoming Update, your Club Coins will be converted into Coins and Power Points (50% split). If you would like to use them differently, you should do it before the Update.

We’ll explain all the changes in the next Brawl Talk, but the new Club Event focuses on being fun, rewarding, and less demanding!