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Brawl Stars — Feb 7, 2024

#StarrToon Patch Notes

Maintenance - February 7th

Balance Changes


  • Maisie

    • Increased the number of Basic attacks needed to charge Super 3 → 4

  • Larry & Lawrie

    • Increased the number of Basic attacks needed to charge Super 5 → 8

    • Reduced Base HP 3400 → 3000 (for both Larry and Lawrie)

    • Star Power - Protocol: Protect - Reduced transferred damage 100% → 30%

    • Star Power - Protocol: Assist - Now ammo is only reloaded when hitting Brawlers

We are also exploring removing the ability of Gadgets to charge Hypercharges (which contributed to making Fang and Edgar stronger), but it still needs more testing, and it should happen with the next update.

Maintenance - January 18th

  • Applying general server fixes and improvements

Maintenance - January 11th

Balance Changes


  • Rico

    • Increased Super damage from 320 → 360

    • Slightly increased Super charge gained from Super damage

  • Surge

    • Increased Base HP 3000 → 3300

  • Darryl

    • Increased base attack projectile speed 3044 → 4000

  • Buzz

    • Increased HP 4400 → 4800


  • Bo

    • Reduced base damage 700 → 640

    • Increased number of projectiles needed for Super 8 → 9

  • Kit

    • Reduced throwing attack damage when attached to friendly players from 2000 → 1600

    • Fixed the issue with the Super charge rate scaling with Power Cubes when attached to enemies

    • Fixed the issue with "Cardboard box" still charging the Super at a faster rate when moving

    • Kit can now be damaged while attached to enemy players

    • Fixed the issue where Kit could use his Super again if he detaches from a friendly player before the current Super is completely drained

    • Kit can no longer attach to recently spawned Brawlers

  • Rosa

    • Reduced Super charge 97 → 75 (3 → 4 ammo for Super)

Bug Fixes and Other Changes

  • Removed the ice from Winter maps in 5v5

  • Fixed the issue in Brawl Ball where the ball could be locked behind a team's own goal

  • Mega Pig Changes

    • Reduced the number of tickets for each player to 15

    • Adjusted the necessary requirements to fill the Mega Pig as a result (it's slightly easier now!)

Maintenance - January 5th

We are fixing some issues related to the new monthly Brawl Pass:

  • Brawl Passes bought from Supercell Store (or partner web shops) before the current season and stored in Supercell Store inventory should now always give you a Brawl Pass Plus

  • Players who have received the basic Brawl Pass from those purchases will receive their Brawl Pass upgraded (most likely next week)

  • Fixed the exploit where you received a large amount of Gems for buying the Brawl Pass twice

  • We'll soon be removing the extra amount of Gems players received from the exploit (also probably next week)

Maintenance & Optional Update - December 18th

Bug Fixes

  • Win Streak is back and fixed!

  • Fixed Gadget Damage for Mortis, Rico, Spike and Brock

  • Localization changes for the Brawl Pass and Mico in some languages

Balance Changes

  • Fixed “play again” quest difficulty (it's now lower)


  • Fang

    • Hypercharge charge rate decreased to 20 (from 40)

    • Hypercharge shield decreased to 15 (from 25)

  • Edgar

    • Hypercharge charge rate decreased to 25 (from 40)

Additionally, there's a new optional update available for Android and iOS devices, with the following fixes:

  • Fixed the glitching leaderboard issues for certain devices

  • Fixed the issue with online friends not displaying correctly

  • Fixed the stuck “Free“ Shop label

New Brawler: Mico (Mythic)

Type: Assassin

  • Attack: Mic boom

    • Mico jumps forward a short distance and damages nearby enemies on landing

  • Super: Out of frame

    • Mico jumps high after a short delay, then targets his landing – dealing damage to enemies in the landing location upon landing

  • Gadget: Clipping scream

    • Mico screams at the closest enemy, dealing damage and slowing them for 2 seconds.

  • Gadget: Presto

    • Mico's next jump has a 34% longer range

  • Star Power: Monkey business

    • Every 5 seconds, Mico's next basic attack steals ammo from enemies

  • Star Power: Record smash

    • Mico deals 100% more damage versus non-brawlers

  • Hypercharge: Sound check

    • Mico’s Super also stuns enemies for 1.5s after landing


New Brawler: Kit (Legendary)

Type: Support

  • Trait: Recharging Super

  • Attack (unattached): Claws

    • Kit slashes in front of him, dealing damage in a cone

  • Attack (attached): Yarn Balls

    • Kit throws yarn balls while attached to a friendly Brawler, dealing damage in an area

  • Super: Carry me

    • Kit jumps and attaches to the back of another Brawler. Heals allies or damages enemies over time

  • Gadget: Cardboard box

    • Kit becomes invisible and charges his Super. Charges faster while standing still

  • Gadget: Cheeseburger

    • Kit heals himself and the friendly Brawler he is attached to

  • Star Power: Power Hungry

    • Kit gains double power from each Power Cube

  • Star Power: Overly attached

    • Increases the maximum duration Kit is attached to a friendly brawler

New Brawlers: Larry & Lawrie (Epic)

Type: Artillery

  • Attack: Ticket Dispenser

    • Shoot a ticket bundle that explodes twice after landing

  • Super: Call for backup

    • Summon Lawrie to help. Lawrie shoots nearby enemies with his Taser gun

  • Gadget: Order: Swap

    • Swap weapons with Lawrie

  • Gadget: Order: Fall back

    • Dash towards Lawrie while Lawrie dashes towards you, healing both for 33% of max health on arrival

  • Star Power: Protocol: Protect

    • While Lawrie is in range, transfer all damage to him instead of you

  • Star Power: Protocol: Assist

    • While Lawrie is within range – reload 30% of your ammo whenever he damages an opponent

New Hypercharges

  • Mico: Sound Check

    • Mico’s super also stuns nearby enemies after landing for 1.5 seconds

  • Dynamike: Boomer

    • Super bomb spawns smaller bombs

  • Edgar: Outoburst

    •  After using Super, gain charging speed and reload speed for a few seconds

  • Fang: Dragon Kick

    • Charge through walls while dropping popcorn along the way

  • Crow: Utility Knives

    • Crow’s knives are piercing and are returning like a boomerang

  • Leon: Limbo

    • Leon stays invisible while attacking his enemies


New Gear for Mortis  - Bat Storm (Mythic)

  • Bats speed (Super projectile) increased by 50%

New Skins

Mini-Themes: Brawlidays & Dark Winter Tales

  • Santa Stu (149 Gems)

  • Grouch Mico (149 Gems)

The Brawlidays and Dark Winter Tales Skins will be released in mid-December

January Brawl Pass Season: Starr Toon Studios

  • Pinku Pawlette (Brawl Pass)

  • Kiiro Pawlette & Midori Pawlette Skin color variations (Brawl Pass Plus)

  • Toon Spike (299 Gems)

  • Final Boss Rico (Power League)

The Starr Toon Studios season starts on January 4th, 2024

February Brawl Pass Season: Year of the Dragon

  • KitBoxer (Brawl Pass)

  • KitBoxer Goldpaw & KitBoxer Darkpaw Skin color variations (Brawl Pass Plus)

  • Wukong Mico (299 Gems)

  • Antivirus 8-Bit (299 Gems)

  • Ferocious Fang (149 Gems)

The Year of the Dragon season starts on February 1st, 2024


  • Macaron Mico (29 Gems) - Releases in mid-December

  • Dark Angel Colt (Supercell MAKE, concept by Dodi, Angelo, and Kakatpoke – Free if claimed from the Brawlidays advent calendar, then 149 Gems) - Releases in late December

  • Billy the Kit (29 Gems) - Releases in early January

  • CCTV Poco (149 Gems) - Releases in mid-January

  • Larry & Lawrie Controllers (29 Gems) - Releases in early February

  • El Quarterback (199 Gems) - Releases in early February

  • Flag Bearer Piper (Brazilian Carnaval celebratory Skin - 149 Gems) - Releases in mid-February

  • Doll Jessie (29 Gems) - Releases in mid-February

  • W Otis (ZETA Division Brawl Stars World Finals 2023 Winners Skin - 149 Gems) - Releases in mid-December

  • Blue King Frank & Red King Frank (Supercell Store Exclusive Skin - 299 Gems) - Release date to be confirmed

  • Extra: Shelly base model update

Cosmetic Items


  • Mico Pin Set

  • CCTV Poco

  • Santa Stu

  • Grouch Mico

  • Toon Spike Set, Starr Toon Studios Set, Final Boss Rico, Pinku Pawlette, Kiiro Pawlette and Midori Pawlette, Toon Fight

  • El Quarterback, American Football

  • Flag Bearer Piper

  • Year of the Dragon Set, Dragon Trophy

  • Wukong Mico

  • Ferocious Fang

  • Kit Set

  • KitBoxer, KitBoxer Goldpaw and KitBoxer Darkpaw

  • Larry & Lawrie Set

  • W Otis

  • Dark Angel Colt

  • Blue King Frank Set

  • Antivirus 8-Bit Set

  • Spicy Mike

  • Burger Lou

  • Sugar Rush Sandy

  • Hypercharged Leon, Mico, Dynamike, Fang, Crow and Edgar


  • Mico

  • Brawlidays Kiss, Brawlidays Candy

  • Toon Spike, Final Boss Rico, Starr Toons Candy

  • El Quarterback

  • Year of the Dragon

  • 2023 World Champions

  • Kit

  • Larry & Lawrie

  • Blue King Frank

  • Antivirus 8-Bit

  • Hypercharged Leon, Mico, Dynamike, Fang, Crow and Edgar

Profile Icons

  • CCTV Poco

  • Santa Stu

  • Grouch Mico

  • 5th Brawliversary

  • Chroma Credit

  • Starr Toon Studios, Starr Toon Studios logo

  • Toon Spike, Final Boss Rico, Pinku Pawlette

  • El Quarterback

  • Flag Bearer Piper

  • Wukong Mico

  • Ferocious Fang

  • Kit

  • KitBoxer

  • Larry & Lawrie

  • W Otis

  • Dark Angel Colt

  • Blue King Frank

  • Antivirus 8-Bit

  • Spicy Mike

  • Super Fan Emz

  • Hypercharged Leon, Mico, Dynamike, Fang, Crow and Edgar


  • “The First” - Starr Toon Studios Brawl Pass Plus Exclusive Title

  • “The Golden Dragon” - Year of the Dragon Brawl Pass Plus Exclusive Title

  • “Am I a joke to you?” - Mico Mastery Title

  • “Meow” - Kit Mastery Title

  • “I am the law!” - Twins Mastery Title

Balance Changes


  • Colt

    • Reload speed 1700 → 1400 ms

  • Amber

    • Damage 200 → 220

  • Bo

    • Damage 600 → 700

  • Ash

    • HP - 5200 →  5400

  • Gus

    • Damage - 940 → 1000

  • Chester

    • HP - 3500 →  3700

  • Janet

    • Damage 940 → 980

    • Shots required to charge Super - 7 → 6

  • Pearl

    • Movement speed - 670 → 720

  • Surge

    • HP - 2800 → 3000


  • Charlie

    • Basic - Cooldown - 250 → 500 ms

    • Super - Duration - 7 → 5 sec

    • Super charge - 5 →  6 basic attacks

    • Gadget - Spiders - HP - 1100 → 700

  • Lou

    • Super charge from basic attacks 143 → 120

  • Spike

    • Gear - Sticky Spikes - Slow% - 50 →  30

  • Rosa

    • HP 5400 →  5000

  • Buster

    • Gadget - Slo-mo replay - Removed the slow component

  • Nani

    • HP - 2600 → 2400

    • Super charge from basic attacks 105 → 92

Maps, Game Modes & Rotation Changes

Hunters is the returning game mode based on player votes and will replace Duels for the next few months. 

We’re also using this time when there aren’t any official competitions to make bigger changes in the map pool for most game modes where enough maps were in the backlog - so the map rotation should feel rather fresh. 

The MEGA Pig event will now also feature new maps!

Since there are so many changes, we will focus on the new maps added to the game and won’t go into details on the removed maps.


  • Cavern Churn

  • Double Trouble

  • Dune Drift

  • Forsaken Falls

  • Safety Center

  • Skull Creek

  • Stormy Plains

  • The Galaxy

Brawl Ball

  • Backyard Bowl

  • Coarse Course

  • Encirclement

  • Galaxy Arena

  • Off the Line

  • Retina

  • Triple Dribble

  • Winter Party

Gem Grab

  • Arenè en Folie

  • Close Call

  • Double Swoosh

  • Hard Rock Mine

  • Last Stop

  • Minecart Madness

  • Open Space

  • Stay in your Lane


  • Belle’s Rock

  • Close Quarters

  • Flaring Phoenix

  • Goldarm Gulch

  • Healthy Middle Ground

  • New Perspective

  • Out in the Open

  • Waters of Doom

Hot Zone

  • Checkered

  • Open Zone

  • Ring of Fire

  • The Great Divide


  • Bridge Too Far

  • Riverbed

  • Safe Zone

  • Tornado Ring


  • Layer Bake

  • Shooting Star

  • Snake Prairie

  • The Great Open


  • Trials and Tribulations

  • Hunting Season

  • True Trail

  • Omega

Ranked (Power League)

  • All Modes:

    • Brawl Ball: Backyard Bowl, Triple Dribble Winter Party

    • Gem Grab: Last Stop, Open Space, Stay in your Lane

    • Hot Zone: Ring of Fire, The Great Divide, Open Zone

    • Heist: Bridge Too Far, Riverbed, Tornado Ring

    • Knockout: Close Quarters, Out in the Open, Belle’s Rock

    • Bounty: Layer Bake, Shooting Star, The Great Open


Map Environment Changes

  • Removed

    • Ghost Metro

    • Ranger Ranch

    • Mortis Mortuary (including Showdown)

    • Retropolis

    • Bizarre Circus

  • Added

    • Robot Factory (including Showdown)

    • Mr. P’s Snowtel

    • Fighting Game

    • Starr Toons (New)

    • Winter for 5v5 (New)

New: 5v5 Game Modes

The long-awaited 5v5 game modes are finally here! They are running as weekend events during this update cycle, and these modes feature bigger maps and have their own twist on the classic modes like Brawl Ball, Wipeout, and Gem Grab!

  • 5v5 Brawl Ball - It plays sideways! Also, the goals are considerably bigger, but with more defenders to get through, that won’t make scoring easier!

  • 5v5 Wipeout - Plays the same as the classic mode, but you play on a bigger map and need more eliminations to win!

  • 5v5 Gem Grab - Some maps feature 2 Gem Spawn points for twice the mayhem!

Brawlidays Freebies

Starting on December 12th, there will be an advent calendar in-game! Log in daily to the game and claim a gift every day, including a new FREE Brawler Mico (Mythic) and a FREE Dark Angel Colt Skin from the latest Supercell MAKE campaign!

The last day of the calendar is December 26th, so make sure you collect all your gifts before the end of the year!

New Brawl Pass & Brawl Pass Plus

  • Now, the Brawl Pass can only be obtained via in-app purchase

  • Brawl Pass seasons have become monthly, with each new season starting on the first Thursday of each month

  • Tokens and Token Doublers renamed to Battle Pass XP and XP Doublers

  • Brawl Pass Quests and progress requirements rebalanced to be easier to complete

  • Free Pass track rewards increased and added Starr Drops to the list of rewards

  • Bonus tail rewards changed to Starr Drops

  • New Brawl Pass features

    • You can now unlock any Brawler up to Epic or collect 1000 Credits

    • New Brawl Pass Skins every season

    • Exclusive Chromatic Name

    • (New) Extra Daily Shop Freebie

    • (New) Double Daily Battle XP

    • (New) Extra Daily Quest

    • Premium Seasonal Quest

  • Added the new Brawl Pass Plus, which also introduces additional benefits:

    • 2 Additional Brawl Pass Skin Color variations

    • Instant 20% Brawl Pass Progress

    • (New) Exclusive Player Title 

    • More progression rewards!

  • Skins for Brawlers players don’t own can now be stored in the catalog. 

A few weeks ago, we published an article comparing the rewards and benefits of the old VS the new Brawl Pass. Check it here for a more detailed view of how the Brawl Pass has changed, including the latest update.


Chroma Credits & Chromatic Brawlers Changes

  • Chroma Credits were removed from the game. Any remaining Chroma Credits in your inventory will be converted to regular Credits with a 1.85 ratio once the update releases

  • Removed the Chromatic Brawler rarity and moved all the Chromatic Brawlers to the Starr Road, with the following new rarities:

    • Epic: Gale, Colette, Ash, Lola, Sam, Mandy, Maisie and Pearl

    • Mythic: Lou, Ruffs, Buzz, Fang, Eve, Janet, Otis, Buster, R-T and Charlie

    • Legendary: Cordelius and Surge

  • In the case of Charlie, she will only show up on the Starr Road starting from January 11, 2024 

Club & MEGA Pig Improvements

  • You can now share replays with your Club from the Battle Log or Club screen

  • MEGA PIG modifiers for December to February: 

    • Ice Age (New)

    • Toxic Arena (New)

    • Unlimited Power

    • Classic

  • Maps

    • Gem Grab: Hard Rock Mine, Close Call

    • Knockout: Out in the Open, Close Quarters

    • Hot Zone: The Great Divide, Ring of Fire

    • Wipeout: The Great Open, Shooting Star

    • Brawl Ball: Triple Dribble, Encirclement

Trophy Road Reward Changes

  • Game mode unlocks were moved and can now be unlocked earlier in the path

  • Changed some of the Trophy Road rewards to Starr Drops

    • Rewards up to 10,000 Trophies feature more Starr Drops

    • A Legendary Starr Drop has been added at every 10,000 Trophies

    • A Mythic Starr Drop has been added in between the Legendary Starr Drops at every 5,000 Trophies

In-game Optional Ads

We’re rolling out an experiment in some regions of the world with optional video ads. These ads are designed in a way that aims not to disturb the typical gameplay experience; instead, they will offer players a way to obtain additional perks such as an additional Daily Quest, more daily Battle XP, or an additional daily freebie in the Shop.

Players with active Brawl Pass will already benefit from these perks and won’t be served ads.

Depending on how these optional ads perform within these testing regions, we may roll out this feature to additional regions later in 2024.

Win Streaks

  • Earn bonus Trophies for each consecutive win in Trophy matches

  • Win streaks begin at 2 wins and each consecutive win grants +1 Trophy, up to a cap of +5 Trophies

  • In Solo Showdown, finishing in 6th-10th position is considered a loss, 5th position is a draw

  • In Duo Showdown, finishing in 4th-5th position is viewed as a loss, 3rd position is a draw

  • Win streaks are only broken when losing a match (so draws will not break your streak)

Other Changes

  • You can now receive and store Skins for Brawlers you don’t own! These can be accessed from the Catalog

  • Now you can report Player names, Club names, Club descriptions and Club mail messages more easily from within the game

  • Club mail messages now auto-expire after 14 days

  • You can now sort Brawlers by Mastery in the Brawler screen

  • Credits can no longer be stored and once a Brawl Pass season ends, all the unclaimed Credits from that season will go either to the Brawler currently being unlocked, to the new Brawler being released alongside the new season, or to Fame

Bug Fixes

  • Various improvements and bug fixes