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Clash Royale — May 21, 2022

Creator Spotlight: Kashman (and Namh Sak?)

  • What's up Kashman

    ? Can you introduce yourself to the players? And... who's that other guy with you?

Kash: Waddup Waddup Waddup! My name is Kashman. I am 25 years old and I grew up in Mississauga Ontario Canada. I started playing Clash Royale 6 years ago when I was in University. I was bored in my Economics class because my teacher kept talking about Meat and Potatoes, so I decided to play a game on my phone. At the time, Clash Royale was just recently released so I decided to give it a try and immediately I was hooked! (PS: Don’t listen to anything Namh Sak says)

Namh Sak: My name is Namh Sak. I am an evil version of Kashman. I was born Feb 16th 2022 when Kashman was forced to play X-bow for a Youtube video. Ever since that day, my life's purpose is to terrorize the world of Clash Royale by using the most toxic decks and continuously BMing my opponents with “heheheha’s”. I have never lost a game of Clash Royale in my career.

  • How long have you been creating content/streaming?

Kash: I started creating Clash Royale Content 4 years ago. In July of 2018 I decided to stream Clash Royale on Twitch for fun and have been creating content ever since!

Namh Sak: I don’t create content. I play Clash Royale and I win. Heheheha!

  • What do you particularly enjoy in Clash Royale?

Kash: I enjoy how intense a game of Clash Royale can be! Feeling your palms sweat as the timer ticks down in overtime. Knowing that this could be the game that will propel you to Legendary Arena and your new trophy record. Knowing that one mistake and everything you have worked so hard for could slip away. Feeling your stomach sink as the timer runs out and the moment of truth is upon you. These are the moments. This is what I enjoy in Clash Royale!

Namh Sak: I enjoy that Clash Royale is PVP. Knowing that someone in the world has lost to Namh Sak and that their trophies are now mine! Going golem first play. Spamming Ebarbs at the bridge. Mirroring my Electro Giant. Knowing the pain of my opponent as I spam yawning princess emotes. Winning in the worst ways possible and getting 3 crowns every time. These are the moments. This is what I enjoy in Clash Royale!

  • What is your current favorite card to play and why?

Kash: My favorite cards are the Fisherman and the Royal Hogs. Ever since “Da flood” in season 1, I thought the Fisherman was hilarious! That beard. Fish Slapping. Swing around the arena like Spidy man! How could you not love Maurice? And I just think the Royal Hogs are adorable!

Namh Sak: My favorite cards are E Giant and Xbow because they are Highest Skilled cards in Clash Royale.

  • What’s your best memory in Clash Royale?

Kash: Getting to 7000 Trophies for the first time is an awesome memory! I was bad at Clash Royale when I first started streaming. It was a long journey to get to 7000 Trophies. There were a lot of failures and a lot of times that I wanted to give up. Wouldn’t have been able to accomplish this, and everything else to come, without the amazing support I had. Broto, Mola, Ben, Rippin, Diogo, Esto, Parker, Oresti, Esl, Ace, Shadow, DC, Miguel, Valk Bait, Castle, Crouter, Humandactyl, aa, Frost, Champ, Cdub, Box, Jack, mrsbeast, and so much more! All my best memories in Clash Royale have been because of this awesome community!

Namh Sak: “I WAS bad at Clash Royale”? Kashman is STILL bad at Clash Royale! Heheheha!

  • Any tips or advice for players?

Kash: Best advice I have for players is to have fun! You don’t have to play a meta deck. Play a deck that you enjoy playing! Learn that deck, grow with that deck and become the best player with that deck! If you have a favorite card in Clash Royale, use it! Also, be patient! Just because you have elixir doesn’t mean you have to use it. Play reactively and let your opponent make the mistakes.

Namh Sak: Two words. Lava Clone!

  • Favorite deck or video you made?

Kash: I love Clash Royale and I have always loved watching speedruns on YouTube and Twitch. Bringing these together was a lot of fun, and ever since this video, so many more Clash Royale players have started doing Clash Royale speedruns. It is awesome to see how players have been able to push the limits of these speedruns.

Namh Sak: Definitely when I teamed up with the Evil Versions of other Content Creators. The Avengers have nothing on us.

  • How many videos/streams do you do a week, and what days?

Kash: I try to Stream on Twitch Tuesday-Saturday at 2pmEST. I would like to upload on Youtube every other day, but I have not been close to being consistent with that schedule. It is more like twice a week.

Namh Sak: Videos? Streams? I am NAMH SAK! I do not have time for that. Heheheha!

  • What is your creator code?

Kash: Code Kash baby!

Namh Sak: Use code Shane

  • Any other info/things you want to say

Kashman: I hate xbow and people that clap at the end of movies.

Namh Sak: I love xbow and clapping at the end of movies.

  • What are the highest Trophies you’ve reached?

Kash: 7520 Trophies with my favorite Clash Royale Deck of all time! Royal Hogs Royal Recruits!

Namh Sak: 8946….it was on my mini account…..named Mohamed Light

You can support Kashman by using the code KASH in the shop, and by following him on: