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Clash Royale — Aug 2, 2022

Balance Changes August 2022

These changes are now LIVE!


  • Prince


  • Ram Rider


  • Mega Knight


  • Executioner


  • Ice Golem


  • Golden Knight


  • Skeleton King


  • Electro Giant


  • Fireball


  • Fire Spirit


  • Elixir Golem


Read all the changes and the reason for them below!


  • Charging State: Faster ☝️ (3.5 tiles -> 3 tiles)

The Prince has been struggling a bit lately. We gave extra carrots to his Pony, and he will now enter his Charging State quicker than before. His movement speed will stay the same.


  • Charging State: Faster ☝️ (3.5 tiles -> 3 tiles)

Since the last nerf in April, the Ram Rider ended up in a pretty weak spot. We're giving her the same small buff as the Prince, but minus the carrots. The Ram is not a fan.


  • Jump Delay: Faster

    ☝️ (1.1s -> 0.9s)

Like the Ram Rider, his performance has dropped too much since the last nerf. We still think that decreasing his initial spawn damage was the right call, so we're instead reducing the time he needs before jumping, making it more difficult to kite him with cheap troops.


  • Projectile Range: ☝️ (6.5 tiles -> 7.5 tiles)

The best cook in the Arena has one of the worst win rates in the game. He practiced his throw, and his axe will now fly further. His attack range and the axe air time remain the same.


  • After Death Slow Effect: ☝️ (+0.5s)

The coolest Golem is not doing bad, but he's been rarely used outside of the classic 2.6 deck. We hope this small buff will make him a more viable choice in other deck compositions to help him find another purpose in life than being pushed by a Hog Rider.


  • Hitpoints: 👇 (-10%)

The Arena's favorite Golden Boy is a bit too good in everything. A nerf to his hitpoints will make him less tanky and easier to counter.


  • Soul Summoning Ability: 👇 (Max. Skeleton count 18 -> 16)

The Undead King didn't really decide to chill out after his last nerf. We're reducing his maximum collected souls again.


  • Reflected Damage to Crown Towers: 👇 (-33%)

The electrifying big boy has been a bit too powerful since his last buff, especially in combination with the Mirror. While we're happy with the Mirror finally finding its spot in the meta, the Electro Giant needed to be toned down.


  • Pushback: 👇

    (1.8 tile -> 1 tile)

The Fireball is a very popular spell that dominates its counterparts because of its instant damage and pushback ability. With this nerf, we want to reduce the versatility of the card and prompt players to other spell choices.


  • Damage:

    👇 (-9%)

It is hands down the best Spirit right now. A slight nerf to his damage was necessary. It will still kill Goblins (sorry, Goblins).


  • Each Golem part now gives Elixir 🔄

  • Golem Hitpoints: ☝️ (+9%)

  • Golemites Hitpoints:

    ☝️ (+6%)

The Elixir will now be granted as the following:

Golem: +1 Elixir
Golemites: +0.5 Elixir each (+1 total)
Blobs: +0.5 Elixir each (+2 total)

Still 4 in total. Because the Elixir is granted faster, we're buffing the Golem and Golemites Hitpoints.

Our goal is to untangle the whole Elixir Golem + Battle Healer + Electro Dragon + Rage pack and make them all viable outside of this combo. This Elixir Golem rework is the first step in that direction.

These changes are now LIVE!

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See you in the Arena!

The Clash Royale Team