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news — Sep 25, 2020

The Art of Supercell: Pre-Order Now

Your chance to see our game art in unprecedented detail!

Over Supercell's 10-year history, perhaps nothing has brought our players closer to our games than the art they are made of. Take Hay Day's delightful duck salon, Brawl Stars' bearlike Nita, or the Clash world's cheerful Baby Dragons – game art is essential for connecting players with a game's mechanics, but it's just as important for expressing the feelings and purpose of a game.

As a tribute to our fans and the tremendous craft of our artists, we are delighted to announce the publication of The Art of Supercell: 10th Anniversary Edition, due out in March 2021.

Our dream is to make great games for as many people as possible, that will be played for years and remembered forever. This dream would never be within our reach if it weren't for the timeless and irresistible appeal of the art that has been made for our games, year after year.

The Art of Supercell offers a rich overview of our artists’ and partners’ craft in high-quality print. It’s been designed to give their incredible attention to detail and artistic vision the space and format that they deserve. It also features never-before-seen drafts and sketches that haven't made the cut for our live games, and visuals from past games that we have killed. Successes or not, all of these assets are a crucial part of how our games got where they are today.

Pre-order now to be among the first with their very own copy of The Art of Supercell, available from these online retailers:

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