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news — Nov 8, 2021

Clash Mini Reaches Beta & More Clash News

Eight months after our first announcement of 3 Clash games, two have reached beta

Let’s cut to the chase: here’s a very special greeting from the dev team behind Clash Mini.


Hello everyone!

Today is the day when we finally answer your legendary “When beta?” question with an  actual answer: starting on Monday Nov 8 (with a little variation from country to country)!

We've pressed “the Beta button” and the game has officially, step by step, going live in Finland, Norway, Iceland, Denmark, Sweden and Canada. 

From all of us over at the Clash Mini team, we would like to thank you for your support and patience throughout this journey from the very first announcement until now.

At its very core, Clash Mini is a game that we built to be as approachable as possible but with deep and meaningful strategy behind your every move before the automatic combat commences and you enjoy or learn from your every move.Overall Clash Mini offers a fun, strategic, but also effortless playing experience!

So what’s next for us? Well, now that we have the game ready to go out, it is our time to listen to your feedback and improve the game with all of you together. Join us on Reddit and Discord and let us know what you think about the game when it is available in your country.

In order to get you introduced to the game, we have filmed a very relaxed in-studio “Smol Talk” – a video series that is going to be our deep-dive videos on topics that we would like to cover. The first video, where we would simply like to show you the basics of the game, is now live! We will then take it from there and use Smol Talk as a platform for addressing any feedback as well as reveal more information about the future in the next episodes.

Once again, from the bottom of our hearts from everyone here in the Clash Mini team: Thank you for sticking around with us thus far. See you on the battle boards!


We’re thrilled to get Clash Mini in your hands. As much as we’d love to open it up for the whole world at once, as always, beta releases start slowly, so please bear with us as the dev team makes sure the game’s running as intended before they decide to open it up for territories outside the Nordics and Canada.

In other Clash news...

It’s been 220 days (not that we’re counting) since we announced THREE Clash games to the world in one go: Clash Quest, Clash Mini and Clash Heroes. Now that Mini’s reached beta stage, what’s up with the other two games?

Just hit play below and watch our Community Managers Vlad and Darian give you the full low-down.

And here's the first episode of Smol Talk: