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news — Mar 22, 2019

Supercell at the Game Developers Conference

This year we had three supercellians give talks at GDC in San Francisco while a whole big bunch of us participated to the conference

It's been our pleasure to have a supercellian step up on the stages of GDC every year since 2015. This year we had two talks on Brawl Stars and another one about user safety and building a healthy community.

Game designer Antti Summala's presentation focused on the design decisions and learnings the team made during beta that ultimately lead to global launch. While game lead Frank Keienburg talked about how Supercell's culture enabled the Brawl Stars team.

Our Anti-Fraud and User Safery lead Jessica Hollmeier's talk "Basic tools for a healthy community" was part of the Fair Play Summit. Jessica talked about how to evaluate the credibility of different kinds of Real Life Threats, how to build detection processes and cooperating with authorities.

For all the previous Supercell talks at GDC, check out this YouTube playlist.