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news — Dec 10, 2018

Never Lose Your Game

Supercell ID is a new service we created to make it easier for players to safeguard their game progress.

With Supercell ID, we want to make playing Supercell games even more effortless. Supercell ID makes playing the same game on multiple devices and recovering a game progress on a new device quick and easy. Players can save their progress across all Supercell games to one single Supercell ID and access them from any device on both iOS and Android.

Registration is done directly within any Supercell game. The only thing need is a working email address. Once registered in one Supercell game, other games can be connected by logging in to the Supercell ID in each game.

Supercell ID also allows easy management of multiple game accounts. Players can simply switch between multiple Supercell IDs on the same device. Register in-game for your Supercell ID today and never lose your game again!