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Supercell at the Game Developer Conference 2022

Three domains, three Supercellians, three highly anticipated presentations
Level Up

Level Two – Freedom and Responsibility

Welcome to Level Two! Now that we have been here for over two months, we want to check back in at the next level to give you some more ideas about what it is like to be part of a team at Supercell.
Level Up

Level One – Greetings from the Team!

The Level Up team is off to the races on their six-month game development journey. Welcome aboard!

Are Our Best Days Behind Us or Ahead of Us?

“Are Supercell’s best days behind us or ahead of us?” We asked ourselves this simple question at the beginning of last year which led to a very deep discussion where we realized that we had not evolved quickly enough to keep up with the demands of players around the world. In this post, I’ll explain what we’re doing about it and tell you about the big mistake I made.

Supercell's Most Wanted

Our game teams across the board are looking for new inspired talent. Join us on our journey to create great games that are remembered forever!

We Are Opening a Game Studio in North America to Make Games You Might Not Expect From Us

We are looking for a core team of "founders" to get started