Finland, Helsinki
Full Time

Community Manager, Brawl Stars

We’re extremely lucky. We have some of the best, most vocal, creative and passionate players in the world. Our players provide amazing feedback, create really cool content and are a huge part of how we develop and design our games. With such an invested player base, we need extremely talented Community Managers that can communicate with and entertain our fans. We’re seeking an experienced and dedicated Community Manager for Brawl Stars, our latest title.

As the Community Manager for Brawl Stars, you’ll serve as an advocate for the development team and our players, communicating the team’s vision and providing the dev team with up to date and accurate insights from the community. In addition, you’ll create content to engage and encourage our players, working with YouTubers, fan artists and other evangelists and closely collaborating with internal teams and external partners. As part of the Community and Game Teams, you’ll have a huge role in shaping game development, influencing design decisions, and making sure our players have the best possible time playing Brawl Stars.


  • Communicate the team's vision to our players
  • Understand current trends within the community and provide the team with insights
  • Represent our players within the team and the rest of the company
  • Build strong relationships with content creators
  • Help shape the game's development and influence design decisions
  • Collaborate closely with other internal teams
  • Work with external partners


  • Exceptional writing skills (native/near-native in English)
  • Being able to "read the room" and act accordingly
  • Comfortable on camera
  • Comfortable interacting with players online and face-to-face
  • Passion for Brawl Stars (and mobile games in general)
  • Experience addressing difficult situations within the community when required
  • Experience managing social media channels
  • Working with / growing influencers


  • Experience with social media management and business intelligence tools
  • Experience in graphic design/Photoshop

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